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The 58th Kansai Region Mens Team Championships and The 34th Kansai Region Womens Team Championships


  • The 58th Kansai Region Mens Team Championships and The 29th Kansai Region Womens Team Championships

    In a seamless organizing job by the staff of the Osaka Municipal Gymnasium (Osaka Chūo Taiikukan) and the various ring-in 1st year students from here and there, the 58th Kansai Region Mens Team Championships and the 29th Kansai Region Womens Team Championships were conducted on September 12th, 2010.

    A critical stepping stone to the All Japan Student Team Championships (to be held in Osaka on the 31st of October, 2010), it is considered critical by many that the team makes the grade and advances through this regional competition.
    Reason being, many 4th year students deem the nationals as their final chance to make their name and potentially be scouted for prosperous employment, in what has been a long shiai career as a Japanese school student. This is particularly important to students of university clubs where kendo is a not merely a hobby, and shiai prowess was the youngsters ticket into tertiary education. Thus, students lacking in academic results tend to considered kendo as a way to make ends meet upon graduation, and failing to stamp their name at the nationals can mean they are not picked up for their dream job as either a cop or as an educator. (The latter becoming next to impossible to secure due to Japans declining birth rate.)

    In a competition that appeared to host an unusually large number of nitō-ryū and jōdan fighters (in this authors opinion for that matter), a placing in the top 8 ensures entry into the coveted All Japan Student Team Championships. However, failing to reach the top 8 is not necessarily the end of the road in this taikai, as teams that reach the top 16 are given a second chance to play-off for a golden ticket to represent at the All Japans.
    Known as the fukkatsu-sen, the eight remaining teams that make up the top 16, are paired-off and fight-it-out to decide four teams that will advance essentially making it a top 12 list that will play at the nationals.
    Major upsets during this action packed event included the loss of the reigning champions (and 2nd place getters at last years All Japans) Osaka University of Health and Sport Sciences (Taidai), being knocked out in a sudden-death ippon-shōbu match with Kinki University. Meanwhile, sterling performances by both the young men and women of Ritsumeikan University earned them undisputable placings on the leaders board, and undoubtedly a formidable presence at the upcoming All Japans.


    1st Ritsumeikan Daigaku
    2nd Kinki Daigaku
    3rd Kansai Daigaku
    3rd Kansai Gakuin Daigaku

    Remaining "top 12" placings:

    Doshisha Daigaku
    Osaka Kyoiku Daigaku
    Osaka Keizai Daigaku
    Konan Daigaku
    Bukkyo Daigaku
    Osaka Furitsu Daigaku
    Kyoto Daigaku
    Ottemon Gakuin Daigaku

    1st Osaka Kyoiku Daigaku
    2nd Kansai Gakuin Daigaku
    3rd Ritsumeikan Daigaku
    3rd Kyoto Sangyō Daigaku

    Remaining "top 12" placings:

    Konan Daigaku
    Otani Daigaku
    Ryukoku Daigaku
    Osaka Taiiku Daigaku
    Shiga Daigaku
    Osaka Daigaku
    Sonoda Gakuen Daigaku
    Doshisha Daigaku
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