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Assisted by my brother Blake, and supervised by Satō Nariaki-sensei, for the past year I have been working hard on a translation of the Kendō Shidō Yōryō (The Official Guide for Kendo Instruction). This book, as the title suggests, is the official be-all and end-all textbook authorized by the All Japan Kendo Federation. This is the book that outlines the correct way of executing all of the kendo techniques, and definitions for terms and concepts. It is used in Japan as the standard text for seminars, and is what people studying for their Kyōshi examination have to memorize. Actually, part of the reason for doing the translation is in preparation of the International Kendo Federation (FIK) Kyōshi exam system which is being organised at the moment. More to come on that later. The book will be a useful, nay, indispensible guide for all instructors of kendo. As the bible of kendo explaining how all aspects of it should be done, the text can be quite dry in places, but is very detailed and is a must have for all kendoists. You can buy the book here on the AJKFs homepage.

l A Short History of Kendo and its Evolution 剣道小史 剣道の流れ
l What is Kendo? 剣道の在り方
l Kendo Instruction 剣道指導の在り方
l Kendō-gi, Hakama, and Training Equipment 剣道着・袴および用具
l Rei (Etiquette)
l Kihon-Dōsa (Basic Movements) 基本動作
l Applied Movements (Techniques) 応用動作(対人的技能)
l Training Methodology (Keiko-hō) 稽古法
l Shiai 試合
l Warming-up, Cooling-down and Strengthening Exercises 準備・整理運動と補強運動
l Glossary 主な剣道用語
l Appendix

The following excerpt is taken from the introductory section where Fukumoto Shuji-sensei gives information surrounding how the book came to fruition.

The Yōshōnen Kendō Shidō Yōryo (Kendo Guide for Instructing Children), first published on March 15, 1977, was substantially revised and republished on November 1, 1985, based on input and opinions by numerous specialists. It was reprinted several times after this, and by April 25, 2001, it had reached its tenth edition. Despite the title, this book has been utilized for many years to instruct people of all levels and ages, not just children.

Twenty years have passed since the first revised edition was made available. To incorporate the sentiments of instructors, and gain consistency with other publications produced by the AJKF, the federation (President Takeyasu Yoshimitsu, and Managing Director Ōtani Masatoshi) organized a committee on June 27, 2006, to consider further modifications to the original text. In total, forty-five meetings were convened in which the ideas of many instructors and experts were heard, culminating in the publication of the Kendō Shidō Yōryō (The Official Guide for Kendo Instruction) on July 1, 2008. This publication is the English translation of that book.

This fully revised edition will provide kendoists all over the world with comprehensive information to learn and teach kendo properly. Of course, the intention is not unify all teaching methods. Instead, the content is designed to provide instructors with clues on how kendo should be taught, and as such, it is my hope that it is employed by teachers far and wide.