For those who love Disney stuff, they go to Disneyland and for those who love kumdo stuff, they go (or at least should) to South Korea.

As I mentioned in my previous posts, the dojang is open 5 days a week with 3 practices at 6am a week and every evening from 5pm until 10pm with possibility to call the dojang's coach to practice sometimes in the afternoon. Soon, spring will come and with that competition almost every week end. Each month (all year around), a group of high ranked teachers (6th Dan and above) alongside with dojand coaches (4th Dan and above) organize a meeting with kumd lovers. Oh right, this group is actually called 'Kumdo Love'. They are part of what they call here 'online cafe' which is part of a website called DAUM which hosts blogs and communities, those communities are called online cafe. So here it is 'Kumdo Love cafe'.

Now, on top of that, you can also be as lucky as I was last week end and be part of the Songpa keiko which is held by the Olympic Park dojang at the Olympic Park. Every other month, each club in the Songpa district (where I practice) chooses 5 people to go and attend that meeting. That is 11 clubs and some very experienced people. I had the chance to practice against the Seoul Federation president, 7th Dan, Seo sensegnim who was part of the Korean national team twice in the late 80's. It was all very exciting especially since I can't parctice as much as I wish these past few weeks. I started a part-time job almost three weeks ago in the evening which crosses kumdo practice from the diary almost everyday.

Of course I didn't list all the events and practice opportunities as I am still not aware of all of them. I'm pretty sure that you can practice your soul out if you mix between university practices, dojang practices and most likely kumdo camps around South Korea. I hope to find out about the camps in the coming months.