Building upon Salmon Sensei's blogpost ( titled "Kendo for non kendoka", it really does worry me that a lot of media out there portraits McDojo worthy rubbish as kendo.

Ok you may say ... the threat has been around for a quite sometime now, before kendo every other martial art has been tainted in one way or another by similar posers, why am I kicking a fuss about it?

The little ones don't annoy me as such, dojos here and there, youtube posts, backyard banter ... but programmes showing on national televisions? That's taking misrepresentation to another level I'm afraid. The danger is quite obvious, it can reach out to a much wider audience, and for those who don't know any better ... they could be stooped into thinking, yes, this is the real deal; this is 'the way of the sword'.

My examples! The first being posted here in the KW forums before, it's a clip taken out of a Spanish speaking TV show. I'm not sure myself as to the origin of the show, but I'm assuming somewhere in Latin America

Cringe ... I know. Worse yet, this is a worldwide disease. Take a look at this Malaysian programme:

Now I'm quite aware that Malaysia possesses various legit, strong, proper kendo dojos. How a TV channel chooses to broadcast the footage posted above instead is beyond me. Before I take it too far though, perhaps our Malaysian brethrens on KW could clarify to us what this actually is? (old time users such as KhawMengLee?)

I wouldn't consider myself a 'purist' as such, but it really does wind me up when someone claims something to be something it isn't. I don't speak either of the languages that the above videos are presented in, so if a native out there hears that they admit to being a deviation of kendo, rather than kendo per se, then I shall let this go, but otherwise ... Ashura, save us!