I figured I would use this blog to catalog my kendo practices, lessons learned as well as my attempts to start a dojo in fort wayne.

Indianapolis(1.19.10): Bokuto ni yoru kihon keiko ho, warmup, kirikaeshi, men kihon uchi, kote kihon uchi, do kihon uchi, sashi men, seme kara sashi men, sashi kote men, seme kara sashi kote men, seme kara kote, tai atari, men tai atari, jigeiko, kirikaeshi

Only my second practice back from the extensive xmas/new years break. Several bad habits are back, my maai is closer than it was before the vacation, I am too cautious (thinking toom much) when striking a resistive opponent (need more kakarigeiko to get back into it I think), and the loser L is still present in my zanshin, so I still need to work more on relaxing my grip.

After several weeks of delay due to mostly stupidity and laziness on my part, the plan is to go to the Hillard Gates sports center on IPFW campus here in fort wayne, to get signed up for my membership. That way me and the GF should be able to start getting a regular practice going in fort wayne. I have had one person contact me (via Imafuji sensei at kendo guide) about practicing in fort wayne, but after providing them with contact information, and my plans for practice they have not contacted me back. There is both a korean and a japanese community in fort wanye so one would think we could find some people who would be interested in practicing, though exploring those avenues have not turned up anyone. Our next target is the IPFW student community, first by starting our 'unofficial' practices there at the sports center, and then hopefully founding a university club, and possibly a class modeled after the one that started us in kendo taught by Fox sensei at MSU.