April 2008.. I was nervous but committed to starting a new Scottish Dojo in Hamilton. I was convinced that there would be enough people in area who would start if they didn't have to drive into Glasgow to sustain a small club.

Unfortunately, a year and nine months later, the club remains resolutely small. Average turnout is about 5 plus me, which barely covers costs and makes sessions difficult to teach. Also, with so few, I think we lack the feeling you get by having lots of people bang and crash around together.

So, although I'd rather only have a few new people at a time, I'm in position now, where I'm going to have to advertise to get a load of people thought the door so that in six months we'll not be in the situation where two people not turning up makes the session a real trial to balance the new guys and those in armour.

If I'd known that leading a Dojo would be so difficult beforehand, I probably wouldn't have started one in the first place.. oh well, I was and remain committed.