Today while attempting to get back into the swing of things in practice, I was struck simultaneously by both a shinai and an idea.

Call signs. I mean, we already look like bloody pilots. Demented pilots, albeit, but pilots none the less. We strap cumbersome equipment on and carry our helmets by our sides as we saunter off to do battle. The fact that the battle doesnt happen to be airborne is a peripheral detail.

Imagine it though. Discreet, tastefully stitched into the back of your hakama in the color of your choice ICEMAN. Sorry, but it has to be all caps. Call Signs from famous movies and TV series starting coming to mind as I stretched after practice. MAVERICK. BOOMER. "GOOSE".

I mentioned it to Gibbo who ran with it and suggested some others. So Im going to shelve this with my other idea for anti-tenegui, the idea being that we have some printed with hitherto undesirable concepts such as machi-ken (待ち剣), or perhaps the 4 diseases of the mind. I feel we should have these done up for next years gaijin smash.

At any rate, please leave your ideas for hakama call-signs as comments here. I see no reason why this shouldnt extend into MC/DJ names and straight on into the ridiculous. Shotgun PLIERS (song of the post)