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Been ages since I posted, but there isn't too much to tell really. Up until about a week ago I was practicing regularly, but now our dojo is in summer vacation hibernation until the 22nd. Most Monday's for the past month and a half I've been connecting with the capo to do some endurance training at the start of keiko. The heat has been seriously daunting, but I'm learning loads about relaxing my grip and shoulders.

Last week I took a boat way down south of Tokyo to the Bonin Islands. It was a crazy experience. Anyone who is interested in my extra-kendo thoughts on Japan and other things is welcome to check out my blog - called Toriaezu - the most recent post has pics from the island and an account of the voyage there, with more to come.

Anyways, while there, Tokyo life/work and the outside world got totally drowned out by the scenery and activity. One thing did manage to trickle through though....kendo. I was itching to practice! This week I'm going to accompany the Capo to one of his practice spots in Shinjuku near Takadanobaba [read: Takadanobadass], so hopefully more posts to come, with better photos.

As per my usual M.O. here is the song of the post, a lively tune for the summer-minded.