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PS3160GB Bundle, Guitar Set.

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  • PS3160GB Bundle, Guitar Set.

    Hey KendoWorld,

    Sorry if this intrudes anything not relating to kendo, but "SOMETHING" was listed so im gonna take that into account. Ahem So i was thinking all week and day, and thought of kendo to the MAX since i don't have bogu anymore i gotta find a way to get a set.
    I couldn't find work anymore because no openings anywhere, so i thought im gonna sell my belongings.
    So kendoworld, im selling a PS3 160GB system with 3 Games, 2 of them are brand new, 1 is old. (with controller). And im Selling my Guitar SET, Comes with a AutoTuner, Backstrap, Carrycase. <<Guitar <<PS3

    And there you have it, So im selling all that for 375.00$$. I use paypal so anyone interested please leave a reply. and we'll discuss this matter via PM. These were my most important items during my times in the dorm life... >,> but for the sake of me continuing kendo i got to have a bogu set. Help me out here. thanks!