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For Sale: Barely used Bogu set

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  • For Sale: Barely used Bogu set

    Hello, I'm selling my barely used set. Pieces can be bought individually or all at once. I tried to get into kendo but it wasn't for me and this has been sitting in my garage for a couple months.

    You can find the specific set here

    Measurements from the e bogu order are [Hand Size HP5:22 x 21 cm (8.7 x 8.3 in) (HP 5MM)][Head Size B HP5:68 cm (26.8 in) (HP 5MM)][Tare Size:XL(5mm)][Do Option:XL
    This was new for around $500 but I would be willing to sell for $300 as a set. Message me to work out a deal, I'm flexible on price. I just haven't used it in forever and don't want to keep it around.
    In addition to the set here I have a travel bag from e-bogu that I will include free.
    Pictures of what is included (minus bag) here

    I also have a gi and hakama that I would be willing to sell, or give free if this entire set is bought. Leave me a message if anybody is interested.
    High Performance 5/2.5 mm Machine Stitched Kendo Bogu

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    I may be interested, bud. If you get a chance, send me a message. -d