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NEW Dobari, Oval Grip Shinai for SALE

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  • NEW Dobari, Oval Grip Shinai for SALE

    Hi! I need to sell this new shinai because of an error (it's to big for me).
    It's a very good quality shinai, dobari style, oval grip with an awesome red tsuru, size 39. It's very lightweight and easy to handle, great for men or very tall women.
    I spent 90 euro but I sell it at 60 because I really need to give it away. The price is negotiable.
    The item is in Italy, I can ship everywhere.
    If you need other info or you want to see other photos, please contact me!

    SHINAI ->
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    Oh man... That's really nice. I already bought a new bundle of shinai though, so I'm not gonna be able to drop the money. I'd have loved to though...