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Full Bogu Set from Koei (Great for beginning female kendoka)

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  • Full Bogu Set from Koei (Great for beginning female kendoka)


    I used to practice kendo in Los Angeles in 2007. Since then, I've moved and come back. In the interim, I've also developed foot problems that would make fumikomi difficult, in addition to being painful. It's my fault; I shouldn't have spent two semesters walking all over campus in heels, but there it is. I can no longer do kendo, so I'm going ahead and selling my bogu.

    I'm female, 5'3", and I'm selling an entire bogu set I purchased from Bogubag (Koei) way back in the day. It's the G-17 bogu set, if that's helpful. If you're interested, reply here or send me a message and I'll take pictures. I live in LA (SFV, to be more specific), and I'm willing to meet to get the bogu to you if you live in the area. If you don't live anywhere near LA, message me and we'll see if we can make arrangements.

    Here are my complete measurements, to give you an idea of how big the bogu is:
    Height: 5'2"
    Weight: 118 lbs
    Waist: 26 in
    Chest: 34 in
    Face Shape: round
    MEN, A (Hatimaki): 21 3/4 in, B (Hokkaburi): 26 in
    DOH: 15 in
    KOTE A: 8 in, B: 7 in

    ​I got the set new for $500 and used it for about a year. My asking price is $200 and I'll also throw in my other equipment (2 shinais, one of them I only got to use once, a shinai bag, a bogu bag). For an additional $30, I'll throw in my keikogi and cotton--used once and still bleeding blue--hakama. I took very good care of my equipment and I also had such a great time being part of the kendo community, even if only for a brief period. I'd like to give another female (or anyone my size) a chance to have as much, or even more, fun than I did kiai-ing in the dojo.

    Thanks for reading this far, and let me know if you have any questions.

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    Hi, I was just wondering if it was still available, and I was wondering if you would consider selling only parts?


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      Hi, I was just wondering if this was still available? And if so would you consider selying it in separate parts?


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        The lady who posted this appears to not have joined for half a year. Well, good luck anyway.