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Want to sell complete kendosetup in Atlanta, GA area $200

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  • Want to sell complete kendosetup in Atlanta, GA area $200

    Selling complete kendo-gi (kendo uniform), bogu for 5'10"/175lb male, and bunch of extra shinai (39", male, durable) for $200 in Atlanta, GA area. Kendo-gi 10,000 count and do part of bogu is made in Japan.

    Email: teacher-dot-towers-dot-high-at-gmail-dot-com (with the dot replaced by "." and at replaced by "@")

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    I keep on getting "HTTP 200 - SyntaxError: Unexpected end of JSON input" error if I try to edit the original post.

    I'm selling:
    - kendo bogu complete with tare, kote, do, and men. Bought from but do is made in Japan
    - kendo keiko-gi (10000 count version), top and bottom
    - 5-8(?) practice shinai for men (39")
    - other goodies such as extra shinai weight

    $200 cash face-to-face for everything.

    They are for 175lb/5'10" male.

    It also comes with an extra men (but shoulder portion is cut off).

    I can't ship due to weight.

    If interested, email: teacher dot towers dot high at gmail dot com