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costs for kendo lessons

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    Originally posted by nysamurai
    As with everything else in New York (City), Kendo too is expensive. The various clubs have different ways of structuring their fees, but you can generally count on paying $90 -$100/month. Ahhhh, such is life here in Gotham.
    Beer is extra.


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      Awesome advice guys! REALLY helpful.


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        I'd go with the checking with the dojo you intend to practice with advice. And most dojo have equipment for beginners to use, so it probably won't be an issue to get your own for at least a couple of weeks.

        My dojo goes by a punchcard system; $50 for people up to 18 years old and for students, then $100 after. A card is good for about 16 lessons, or two monthes, and is only used when you go. So you have the card until it is used up; it doesn't expire or get used if you miss a lesson.

        Kendo dojo aren't profit organizations, and if there are some like that out there they are very few. Money usually goes to purchasing equipment for the dojo or to pay rent for the space if it is a rented area.

        Anyways, I hope everythings works out for you and that you enjoy your training.


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          I only pay 4 a session (1-2 for Kata sessions). That money goes on club equipment and Tournament fees