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Looking for a ken-jutsu dojo in Montreal or on south shore of Montreal

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  • Looking for a ken-jutsu dojo in Montreal or on south shore of Montreal

    Hi guys,

    I'm new in the martial arts and I'm actually searching for a Ken-jutsu club in or on the south shore of Montreal. I've looked on CFK website, but I didn't found any club. Could someone please help me?

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    It's tough enough to find good iaido in Montreal let alone authentic koryu. Sorry but I have no suggestions other than avoid the charlatans.


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      Are there really any kenjutsu dojo outside of Japan?


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        Originally posted by David
        Are there really any kenjutsu dojo outside of Japan?
        Short answer: yes, but with the following qualifications:

        1. Authorised instructors are scarce. So, if you wanted to study, say, Tamiya Ryu you might have no choice but to pack up and move to Michigan. Ironically, it`s more or less the same deal in Japan. Koryu shinbukan are very place-specific (TSKSR in Narita City, Owari-kan Ryu in Nagoya, Kogen Itto Ryu in Saitama, etc. etc.) I`ve always counted myself lucky to be living in Japan, but my koryu options here in my beloved Nagano-ken are, I believe, are scarce to nil.

        I have it on good authority that there`s Hyoho Niten Ichi Ryu in Ontario. Feel like making a move? That`s pretty much what it boils down too: being either conveniently located or willing to make sacrifices to facilitate your interests.

        2. (Not sure about this one). While koryu traditionally teach a full curriculum of martial skills including empty-handed techniques, use of multiple weapons, and even the ad hoc construction of fortifications, dojo outside Japan may only teach parts of the curriculm (eg. kenjutsu and iai).

        3. Many koryu purists insist that koryu study can only authentically experienced in Japan, preferably by practioners with advanced speaking and reading skills in Japanese. You`ll find this topic addressed exhaustively in e-budo forums and on Note: This is not my opinion. Indeed, I am not yet well enough informed to have an opinion on this point.

        Anyone want to add to this?
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          A word of clarification, re: the last post: while it begins as a response to David`s question, it was primarily addressed to the OP.


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            Okay, thanks. So I guess I just forget to learn Ken-jutsu....let's find an Iaido dojo!