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  • kw subscription

    Hi, everybody I have a little problem, maybe someone could help me (maybe someone from the KW staff...).
    In January I made a new subscription and it's was confirmed by the KW site's automatic reply...but I have no payment charge on my credit card's movement list. I sent 3 e-mail to the KW's contact adress but they never answer...I can't understand if my subscription is done or if I had to do it again...any suggestion are welcome

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    Hello there,

    seems like another case where the mails are going missing...We reply to all mails that we get. Anyway, please send your name to the following address;

    Michael will be able to check what has happened to your subscription. Please also inform him what mail address you sent your previous enquiries.

    Thank you fro your patience.



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      Hi Alex, thank you very much for your kindness and attention, well done.
      Keep going, bye


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        Alex, would you please check the "I wasn't gonna...but whats up with KW mag" also in the FAQ. Thanks.


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          I need help here too!!!!

          I subscripted to KW in April 2006. But my credit card ONLY reflect this payment in 16 Nov 2006. But i have NEVER receive a copy of the magazine at all.

          I have been emailing to Hamish Robison <> replied to me once and he told me to check(which i did) and i replied back to him that till now, i have received NOTHING.

          i sent a couple of mails to both email address & but i didnt receive a reply till now...

          what should i do?


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            Please do as I outlined above.


            Thank you


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              Alex, it might help if you updated the contact information on your webpage. I have never been able to get a response from ''.


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                It's taken the best part of a year, but we will be putting a brand new HP up any day now. It has a new customer service address in it.


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                  Why not change the customer service address now? will take less than 5 minutes and save you (and any other potential subscribers) an awful lot of grief.


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                    Because the only person who knows how to move around this extremely confusing HP set up is Hamish. That's why we are changing the whole HP and structure so that even technologically impaired people like me can take care of things. In the meantime, if you have any queries, please mail us at


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                      Righty, we are getting somewhere now. If you have any problems, please go to the following thread.