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New to kendo - couple of questions

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  • New to kendo - couple of questions

    Hi guys, I'm finally in a good place to do some kendo and was wondering if you could answer some questions. I have a little informal sword experience - mostly kumitachi taught to me by an iai instructor along with the first few seitei kata. I have also just moved away from the dojo where I was training Toda-ha Buko ryu naginata, hence I am used to very deep stances. I am wondering if I will struggle at all with kendo since it seems to be so light on the feet. I am also curious how hard it will be for me to learn to "pull" my strikes so to speak, since I am used to cutting all the way from previous training.
    Look forward to any thoughts.....

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    I went into kendo from kenjutsu where low, wide stances are used and the shomenuchi cut starts from a high hasso and ends an inch from the floor. Do that in kendo and people will be pissed at you!

    It is very easy to make the transition. Just go back to being a beginner and take in everything that the instructor says and all will be well!