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  • ..::A Proud Accomplishment::..

    My Intro is a bit long but, I thought i'd let everyone kno how i truly feel right now =)

    My name is Bobby, I'm 19 turning 20 on the 3rd of April, which is a week from now xD, as of April 4th 2009, I will officially start my training I'm soo happy yet very eager for this opportunity. I'm very happy for myself that for once, i'm taking a big step towards my own self accomplishments, and making my own decisions, as well as using this oppotunity to strength my body and mind. Something I've alwaise wanted to do yet never had the time, nor encouragement to do so, but as of now, boy oh boy 2009, here i come! I'll give it my best to become the best that I can be.

    How it began
    Well honestly, I've alwaiise wanted to find something, that i wanted to dedicate myself to, something i kno will benefit me mentally and physically but I jus never knew what it was that i was looking for, considering all the life changing events occuring and recurring throughout my whole life, tho i knew, one day it would come to me, and suddenly, i've started to research everything and anything out of nowhere jus to learn more about the things people do in their daily lives, things you would do so as to accomplish your goals, to relieve yourself from stress given by your job, your school work, and family problems from a natural life-style. Tho the answer was right inside me, I never realised it until I really lost it. What i was searching for was alreadie in my heart, and my mind....the answer to all my problems was to simply believe in myself! In other words, all I needed to do wasto believe in myself, to never give up even if things might not have went the way i wanted or planned, even if things do nothing but get worst, the key to accomplishment, achievement, success was to simply believe in myself. And thats when, I started to study "Kendo" why? For one, in my opinion the practise of kendo, revolves around the practise of defeating and overcoming ones self for the better.
    From then I knew, kendo was what I've been waiting for, this opportunity was right under my nose, all i had to do was grasp it and not let go, and here I am, I've quit smoking, eating healthier, and now about to be part of something, i never thought was possible, without a doubt I will succeed, I will give this my best, A new story has begun, there are many pages to be written, and the words Accomplished & Achieved will be mentioned on each and everyone one of them. Thanks for reading this uber long introduction. I hope to make many friends and learn manythings from everyone here.

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    You haven't started but your sword already shadowless. That is good. Welcome.


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      thanks for the warm welcome <3


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        So, Shadowless - how was your first practice?


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          How is this a frequently asked question?


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            Originally posted by ScottUK View Post
            So, Shadowless - how was your first practice?
            my first day went extremely well! I was reallie well complemented and pleased my seniors and sensei's because they said, I did alot better than they'd expected for my first day. I even joined in and lasted throughout the whole suburi session xD. all in all, I'm gonna give it my best!