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    Originally posted by xvikingx
    Aaah, I see, you are just 17. Well that explains a few things.
    Woaw now, i'm 17, but not as dense as musha and i don't prate much like him. I did before, but by looking at other, well i see its bad and stupid.


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      Sorry litige, I meant no offense to you or others who are young but able to act decently.


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        No harm done ;-)


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          Viking can I ask what your real grade is in Kendo? I know I am only 18 not 17.. But I am sure I have more of a good attitude to learning Kendo than you do. If I think people are not correct that is because they can not prove things enough to persuade me that what I understand and can give proof of is not correct. I remember a wile ago I was talking about Hyoho niten ichi ryu and nito ryu. Some one gave me a web site address saying that the head teacher of the niten ichi ryu school was different to who I thought and now I understand that there are many schools that use more than one katana and the original Hyoho niten ichi ryu is headed by soke masayuki. This is proven in two books.

          You seem just to be a stubborn person that is set in his ways. I think that you have the idea that you already understand kendo and do not need to listen to any one else. You also seem to love picking up on peoples mistakes like Yowai and AliG with the use of Childish words like
          (not really very original) I'v heard more interesting things than that from Children at primary school even Yowai and AliG ..

          I have met many people like you that believe when you are on the Internet
          you think you are another person. Like a gangster or some thing.

          I'll try not to post here is future because it is a waste of my time and I am sure I have much better things to do than arguing with Childish people like you and advise no one else listens to you too.


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            Originally posted by Musha
            You seem just to be a stubborn person that is set in his ways. I think that you have the idea that you already understand kendo and do not need to listen to any one else.
            Well if that isn't a case of the pot calling the kettle black...


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              Should we ( the rest of K-W ) start screamin

              " JERRY , JERRY , JERRY , JERRY " ?

              Ill be of getting popcorn , give me a heads up befor the chairs start flyin


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                I think there is only one post in this thread that has anything to do with Kendo or Iaido or Kenjutsu. Give your $.02 and log off. Thanks


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                  Sorry if I am repeating what someone may have said -- but from what I understand, montsuki describes a piece of clothing, kimono or otherwise, that bears one's family crest (or a family crest in general.)

                  I agree with viking, in that I don't think that haori or any other over clothing is worn in kenjutsu. I don't see it very often, anyway. Iai demonstrators, however, may be a different case.

                  If you want to find appropriate training clothes for kenjutsu, I think that has some decent uniforms. They have modified kimono, that they say "do not have the drawbacks of a kimon" when using it for kenjutsu. I think they mean that they aren't quite as long, as the length might constrict the legs. Anyway, they also have hakama (the trousers,) so maybe you ought to check that out.

                  Good luck with your equipment hunting and your eventual training.