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new kendoka here, hello !

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  • new kendoka here, hello !

    Hello everyone !

    I joined Kendo World a few months ago without really introducing myself, sorry !

    So I'm a newbie. I've been doing kendo for 9 months now at my university in Switzerland. I'm a girl, so I'm happy to see that we are gladly accepted in Kendo! I will do my best to bring lots of girls to my budokan and make them like kendo as much as I do =)

    My sensei is a 6th dan, I do not see him often because he does not come over to university training (maybe not too bothered with some newbies who don't come back after a year) so I train with a 4th dan and all my sempai. Some days we can be about 30, so I guess the Budokan has about 50 kendokas, maybe more !

    You can call me Aboli, it's been my pseudo for a long time now. I'm 19 years old and do not posess any Kyu's that I now about (I don't even know if I could do any Kyu exams before doing the 1st dan once I'm at that level ??). I live in Lausanne, a few minutes away from where I train.
    My other hobbies are reading, skiing, scouting, reading manga, watching anime and of course studying hard !

    Anyway, I think that's about it !
    I'm looking foreward to participating in this forum, even though I'm not very capable of explaining much seeing as I am new, so I will be the one to ask questions =)

    See you !

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      hello to you !

      =) thanks for positing something, I was feeling kind of... unnoticed


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        Congratulations and welcome to the forum. In your post it sounded like you do not go to practice much with your sensei, is there a reason? Although having yondan senpai to practice with is very nice it would certainly be advised (if you are able and allowed to ) go practice with your rokudan sensei when you can. Please take care and hopefully you will enjoy kendo for many years.


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          Hi aboli, welcome to KW. I too just joined KW's forums a few months ago. I used to post here back in probably 2002, when the magazine first came out, but I don't remember my old login and that associated email address has been long gone.

          Your sensei and sempai will talk to you about ranking when the time comes. I think the FIK rules require everyone to at least test for and hold rank of 1-kyu before progressing to 1-dan. So you'll probably have that kyu test at some point. Other kyu ranks are common as well, but the rules for those ranks vary from federation to federation.


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            Hi !

            I don't go to practice with my highest ranked sensei because he does lessons on a day I cannot attend to in another dojo (the official one), I'm part of the university section of the official Budokan where we get to train with the 4th dan but where the 6th dan does not come.
            I've been able to see my sensei 2-3 times during holidays and go and see him as soon as I can, maybe next year I will be able to see him every week.

            Thank you DigitalDowntown! I'm not too pushy about the Kyu, I don't mind waiting ! Thanks for explaining, I'll see what happens =) (oh and, welcome back !)


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              As a fellow university practitioner (instructor) welcome to wishes for your kendo future.


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                Welcome, Aboli! I think you may have gotten confused with the rankings. You start from Kyu and work your way up to Dan. Cheers.


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                  hello !!! always love to see female kendokas....


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                    Bienvenue Aboli,

                    Quant j'etais etudiant j'ai passe un an a Lausanne (a l'EPFL). J'aime b.c. cette ville. De temps en temps quelque(s) kendoka(s) de Lausanne rendre visite a mon premier club de kendo, Hizen, a Londres. Toujours ils ont de bon kendo. Bon courage et bienvenue au monde du budo.


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                      Arigato !

                      Thank you everyone !!

                      Et dillon, je suis heureuse que tu aies apprci ton temps Lausanne, je suis aussi l'EPFL =) J'espre que quand j'aurai eu plusieurs annes d'entranement je pourrai passer Londres, pour te montrer qu'on s'entrane toujours aussi bien !!!


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                        Hello, how is kendo like in Switzerland? Best of wishes on your kendo practices and keep on practicing


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                          Thank you =)

                          Uhm, I don't know, in what way ?

                          I've never done kendo in any other country, so all I can say is that I suppose it is good here, but I cannot really compare =)
                          All I know is that I really like it !


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                            Welcome to the forums, aboli! I hope you enjoy your time and I hope you continue to grow in your Kendo!


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                              Find Aboli's Question.
                              Must be why this is here.