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Can People Use Nito-ryu in Tournaments?

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  • Can People Use Nito-ryu in Tournaments?

    i was just asking because i heard that you can its just very uncommon. but i also hear that people just dont really do it in general, is this True?

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    Yes, you can; yes, it's uncommon; Youtube has several shiai with nito ryu.


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      The only shiai I can think of that disallows nito-ryu are shiai internal to Keishicho due to the fact that they do not allow nito-ryu practice. There are no such restrictions in the other prefectural polices and I've seen it once at a Kanto-Koshinetchu regional police taikai. However, this was in a ni-dan and under tournament and I have yet to see it among the higher grade police players (not to say it doesn't exist).


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        Yes, we have a couple of nito players in our dojo who are pretty successful in tournaments. One of whom has taken all of his exams up to sandan and has been successful in the keiko portion of each one exam using nito. The other more experienced player tests in itto, but is primarily a nito player.

        Nito has some advantages in tournaments. One of which is unfamiliarity, another is most people play way too close and allow the nito player to supress their shinai with the shoto. I would say its weakness for newer kendoka is that it is harder to learn good seme with nito as you can be very defensive with the shoto or just knock away the opponents sword with the shoto rather than taking center.

        If you are USA based, look out for musashi-kai seminars. Here is a review of one I attended:


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          Idaho Kendo Club will be hosting the Musashi-Kai Nito-Ryu seminar again this year. The dates haven't been formalized, but I'm pretty sure it'll be the last weekend of June.
          Plan to fly into Boise, and you'll most likely be able to share transportation.
          As a beginner, I know I won't get the full benefit from the seminar, but the one day I attended last year showed me so much that translated to itto!

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