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Pet Hair & Kendogi :(

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  • Pet Hair & Kendogi :(

    Hello, I am brand new to kendo and want to ask any fellow pet owners for advice/tips on keeping my hakama and owari free of hair? I have three cats (two are mine, one is a rescue I am fostering) and *nothing* in my home is without hair. This is not a reflection of my cleaning habits but a fact of life for a pet owner. Other than a lint roller, does anyone have some advice on how to minimize the hair? Showing up with cat hair all over my gi is hardly respectful I think. Thanks!

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    Oh my dear KK.....I know what you're going through and the only real solution is to have one room in the house where no cats are allowed into (by closing the door all the time) if that's at all practical. That way you have a 'clean room' and thus a fighting chance to keeping you kit clean by storing them in there (after you've thoroughly vacuumed etc)! Buy three or four of these types of lint rollers

    You'll need about three or four of them to clear your kit as they get clogged up fairly quickly but can be recharged by washing under a tap with a little soap and shaken dry if you want to use them again immediately. Be careful not to let the hakama longer himo drag along the floor when moving it around your house as they pick up cat hair very efficiently and will transport them into your clean room!

    In future only adopt black cats as their fur doesn't show up as much. I had all the carpet removed from my house and replaced it with bamboo flooring as it made fur management easier and the house more hygienic too.