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    First of all, I owe a huge gratitude to everyone
    in this forum. I just started learning Kendo and I find every members' postings extremely valuable.

    As I have been perusing all the posts written by everyone, I become anxious to read even more discussions by the
    fellow members. Unfortunately, I see that relative to everal years ago, this forum is substantially less "lively."

    Has the kendo player base shrunk or is the less activity in the forum due to the members using other venues (facebook groups) & other forums?

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    This forum has been hit by a sort of triple whammy. 1. An upgrade to the forum software caused frustrating technical issues that continue to this day. 2. Like most internet forums, it has lost it's novelty, most of the regulars had said their piece and were tired of rehashing it. 3. Web-based forums in general are losing ground to Facebook, Reddit and whatever the next thing is.

    Pretty much all the big martial arts forums are either pretty quiet like here or have turned into small social clubs for old regulars, like Bullshido. Unfortunately there is no longer any one main online gathering place for kendoka.


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      Yeah, it's a pity really. This forum used to be my "go-to" place, and now it seems it's merely in stasis. Habit forces me to come here still though.