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  • Best footcare solution?

    Sorry in advance if this has been asked zillions of times, I did search for "blisters" but couldn't find anything that answered my question exactly. I'm v new to Kendo and our Dojo will be having what sounds like their yearly massacre in the 1st wk of Jan (eg, 4 days consecutive training). I am fully expecting to be crippled, be a mass of bruises and have no feet left to speak of, but my question is - when the inevitable blisters come am I better off leaving my feet disgusting (eg clean but hard skin and yuk everywhere) or is it better to smooth off the hard skin and keep things soft like I'd normally do? I seem to remember the sensei writing somewhere that we're supposed to keep our feet free of callouses etc (which kind of surprised me) so now I can't decide if the hard skin would make you more prone to problems (perhaps from pulling in a way soft skin wouldn't) or less prone. What do you all do with your feet? Take care of them or resign yourselves to having hobbit clodhoppers? Girl's replies especially welcome tho I'm looking forward to anyone's feedback. I know I'm jumping the gun abit but I'd just like to develop a strategy... Thanks!

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    Hi Ekajaki,
    I sometimes use the same techniques as marathon walkers. They soak their feet in warm epsom salt for a half hour or so up to a week before they start heavy training. It slightly dehydrates the feet and toughens the skin to avoid blisters. For the callouses, I have found that their are several different callous creams. I use Dr Schols, it softens the dry hardened callouses and make them flexible -that stops cracks and helps prevent blisters under the callous.
    Nevertheless, you will still get tons of blisters. Good luck.

    BTW don't forget to wipe the floor when your blood blisters break and you wet the dojo floor



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      Run around barefoot. It really helps. Seriously, and yes there is forums related to blisters.
      Yes you try to keep your feet callous free...otherwise you get the syndrome (quoting my sensei) "kendo foot" where you have to shave off the extra skin on your feet. Ewww. Good luck on the massacre. Every week is a massacre for me when my sensei beats me on the floor and flips me over his shoulder "its all to develop your spirit". yeah tell me that when you've broken my spine.


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        Thanks for the info all... actually I have pretty tough feet already from loads of trekking and from my father making me and my bro walk on gravel barefoot as little kids to "toughen us up". I had been having a bit of a blitz campaign on them before starting kendo as I was fed up with my hobbit feet (xept not hairy ), but then I got confused. I think now I'll continue with the campaign, as I think in any case it would take years to get them down to the "baby's bottom" complexion I aspire to for them


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          Theodore posted this link several months ago.


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            Very helpful, thanks! I examined the bottom of my left foot and the crucial part is quite leathery so I might be lucky, but its good to have that info to hand.