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  • Forum rules???

    Under what condition would one get banned from the KW forums?

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    When you offend the moderators who have the discretion and power to delete your posts. It's called the Golden Rule - he who has the gold makes the rules.


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      I believe when you make very rude comments about the moderators continually. If we give each other crap it's ok. Mostly meant in jest anyway. I have meet some of the people from here and laughed about what was said here.
      The other half of the question is if your banned, can you get back on? Would a appology across the entire board help? I assume your asking this for Confound?


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        NOOOO! Mingshi has shattered the calm of the flames forum. It's the end of the world! AaAaAaAh!!!! **cough** hrrm, sorry... Seriously though, can someone get back on after being banned? Is this the last we've seen of Confound?


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          Mr Hongsermeier,

          No. You are wrong. Neither me nor the late Confound would bother participating in a forum that welcome trolling more than anything else. Notice how many people have restrained or even stopped posting in these few months of troll-epidemic already?

          Also, I don't think posting and responding private messages in the forum is in any case right.



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            Mr Hongsermeier???

            Thank you for the politeness Mingshi. I am glad to still see you posting here. If you have a way of chating with Confound tell her hello.

            I have not noticed a drop off of posts. I didn't check on posts Sat, but did on Sun only to recieve 90+ posts in 33 different threads.


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              The Golden Rule is never publicly insult the moderators. They have a thankless job. It's hard enough trying to run a forum and keep it from crashing. Then toss in moderating the forum.

              With regard to Confound. I saw this one coming a mile away. The first tip off was when Alex posted in General Chat about an email that he had received from Confound. That thread is locked now, but it set the stage for what would eventually happen.

              The "last straw" came when she insulted the moderators publicly on the "re-educating mr.kurukuru" thread. If memory serves, it took a couple of days before the moderators banned Confound.

              Now, general protocol that moderators follow is that if a post is found to be questionable the moderators hold a "meeting" about the post. They discuss among themselves what the problem is. Then they send an email to the poster to try and resolve this problem. If the problem cannot be resolved, the moderators "meet" again and make a decision. In this case, Confound was banned.

              Now what happened between the time that Confound posted and was told to edit her post to having her banned is between the moderators and Confound.

              My guess is that there were a series of emails that occured and the issue was not resolved.

              Will Confound be reinstated? I don't know. What I do know is that she had posted something that ended up getting her banned.



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                Didnt posting blatant sexist or racist comments gets you banned as well?
                I think someone was banned for making an extremely sexist post, I think its the "kendo is for men" only post. cant remember who it was though


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                  Originally posted by aru-ma
                  Didnt posting blatant sexist or racist comments gets you banned as well?
                  I think someone was banned for making an extremely sexist post, I think its the "kendo is for men" only post. cant remember who it was though
                  The infamous don_lubo was not banned (you can check his name out in the members registry) despite his ridiculously sexist and moronic opinions. Of course, he never dared to ask to be banned outright.

                  I leave to go fishing for 3 days and one of my favorite posters gets yanked from boards. Bummer.

                  The boards are still interesting but the level of discourse has definitely dropped a notch in the last few months as have the quality of the flames: The arguments about kamae and the use of tsuki never seemed to degenerate into calling people gay for some reason...

                  Still, can't go to can't understand what the hell they're talking about....


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                    It seems it is all double standards to me. There has been enough reason to ban certain people on these boards for their trolling behaviour (I will not mention names as its pretty obvious of who I speak), nevertheless, nothing was ever done about it. On most other forums trolling is always seen as something wrong, and usually ends up with a ban. But it seems the ROC is a little vague, on what can be done on these boards. Ok, most will argue that insulting the moderators was the wrong thing to do, which it is. However, I am pretty sure those insults made by Confound were a result of inaction of the moderators from someone who seems to like this forum as a place to find information regarding kendo, and then to see nothing done about it when trollers are doing stupid things on these boards, I guess it would give enough reason to make anyone angry. Even I was a little surprised when I saw the amount of rubbish on these forums, and thought to myself why the moderators were not doing anything about it. I actually thought that the moderators were away from these boards because of real life matters that they were attending to or something. Then when I recently saw that the moderators were actually very active on these boards it really came as a shock to me as to why the moderators had done nothing about certain posts and threads.


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                      i'm not sad ,because i dont care , she pretty much asked for it , she had a whole lot of issues that girl , from reading her web site , she was tweaked ...


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                        "Under what condition would one get banned from the KW forums?"

                        Insulting the moderators is a good start. As for the trolls, yes they are annoying, but rather the saying goes...dont feed the trolls.Confound on the other hand, went out of her way to insult people or ideas she didnt like, to the extent of using it as a topic-line of one of her threads.
                        Do you really think that Confound was unfairly treated, Jenny?.



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                          Originally posted by JSchmidt
                          As for the trolls, yes they are annoying, but rather harmless...
                          Well from the chaos that has been caused by these trolls, it seems these trolls are a bit more than what you define as being harmless, mate.


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                            Doe anyone have her website's address?


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                              The Moderators pay their own money to keep this forum going, but more importantly the magazine. All this amounts to is three full time jobs at once, two of which we are virtually paying for the privilige.

                              There will be others banned as we've decided to take a hard line (Although we tried not to for the longest time.) The whole purpose of this forum being set up was to provide a place where people could come for some civil conversation about kendo related things. Now it has degenerated into a free-for-all with idiots bent on bringing the whole tone down. We will be weeding them out one by one, as it is making a mockery of all our hard work. The obvious place to start is with absolute idiots who presume to actually insult us. THAT INCLUDES PRIVATE MESSAGES so deal with it!

                              If you don't like the job we're doing, please don't even bother to come here. It's all really quite simple.