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i liked it

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  • i liked it

    poke poke poke poke

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    Other than the portrait of the female character in a rather chauvinistic light, for a class project, It appears that a lot of hard work went into this.
    Kudos to them!


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      some pretty cool effects ^_^


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        Mmmmmmm...I don't understand why this is worthy of being posted.

        Hey, fun is fun. There are elements to this piece that can be entertaining. No matter what the age, boys will be boys. However, I don't understand why this is worthy of being posted on a website of this calibur, (even in the firey flames.) As someone who is more than 40 years old, I realize that Time is all we have. Frankly, attention is something we need to focus with some discretion. Hell, there is a mountain of outstanding material to enjoy! No, I'm not being an old fart-breathed, stiff, jackass. I think? Watch Sho Kosugi ninja movies if you are looking for some fun. Not only does he embody quality martial skills, he has this wonderful spirit about him. Not to take away from the kids. (Sure, ninja didn't use Chinese jian swords, but the cute girl in the mini skirt almost makes up for it.) Almost...but not quite.
        Anyway...blah, blah, blah...

        Yours in Martial Spirit, Jon Palombi


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          I wish things like what happened in the video happened all the time.


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            Originally posted by Aries View Post
            poke poke poke poke
            This comment is funnier than the clip, and I mean that in a good way.


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              Girl was cute, atleast. Also, I was digging the Evangelion battle music.