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Legendary backyard kendo video

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  • Legendary backyard kendo video

    I've seen many backyard samurai videos in my day, but this video takes the cake. No other video can boast such skill, wisdom and history all in one go

    God bless youtube

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    Yeh, check out the "Feel like hating something?" thread. Kage 717 doesn't like us very much.


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      I think the video is a bit creative, and entertaining in a "camp" sort of way. It looks like it was done "just for fun.".
      I didn't listen to the audio, but unless he's trying to pass his video off as something legitimate, I say, fun (but a bit corny) stuff.

      (I especially laughed at the "-Miyamoto Musashi Japan" sig.
      I never realized that "Japan: was his last name. LOL


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        Whoa, really really funny! Even if I think that it would be better not to pin too much on this kind of stuff. Probably those guys are doing it only for the sake of having fun, their swordmanship is so poor and improvised that they can't claim anything while hoping to be taken seriously.


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          Good luck to the pair of them .. It seams to me,that these guys are making the film for fun only.They obviously have no sword skills, or probably little Ma training . Never the less they have tried to tell a story, unlike many of the p**s poor efforts we see twirling away daily on you tube.
          One tiny piece of advice though guys.
          Untie the packing strings on your shinai.