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A Model Samurai?

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    Has the guy who started the cute kendo girls forum found his answer?


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      Originally posted by Big One View Post
      The guy in the last picture of page 1 is 10 dan. He must be unbeatable.
      I think he's 20.dan...

      10 stripes on one side of the belt, 10 stripes on the other.
      That's 20th Dan, right?

      ..... right?


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        I'm confused, why is she named after cheese? Do you think she has friends called cheddar and gorgonzola to practice with?



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          I think the videos need to be uploaded to youtube for, well, wider distribution. With commentary. Anybody know if the MST3K guys are available?

          You know, I can picture a lot of dorks, myself included, who would video tape something that bad. But I think it takes someone really, REALLY special to then look at that video, and think, "yeah, this shows off my mad skillz really well, this is quality. I've gotta post this for all to see how absolutely fabulous I am!"




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            Model Samurette?

            Originally posted by ScottUK View Post
            This was sent to me by a friend - who may or may not admit it on this thread - her skill with sword, shinai and bokuto may suck but she dresses a whole lot better than us during practice.


            There are two videos (one titled kendo.wmv for some reason) and a link to other pages at the bottom. Enjoy...
            I beg to differ. After close scrutiny of all the pictures and movies I come to the conclusion that she is not a Samurai. I come to this conclusion because she hangs out with Ninjas! The ever so elusive men (and woman apparantly) in black can be seen here. These are very rare pictures of the folks that crawl on the ceiling and hide in your toilet when they're out to get you.
            I think it would be wise for everyone who has read this thread to watch your back, look under your bed and check the toilet bowl before you use it.
            Don't say that I haven't warned you.


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              Yowzas. Looks like she stumbled out of the club, and a bunch of perverts forced her to fight her way out of their basement.

              P.S. Good look to those that noticed the running shoes, and the 20 dan.

              P.P.S. Inner silence was right... she's doable, but pretty much just your run-of-the-mill club ho. Nice ranjeri gi.


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                Originally posted by sminch View Post
                until now i believed that giving a woman a sword made her twice as hot, no question, but after watching those videos my woman + sword = hotty rule has been dashed.

                you still would though, wouldn't you?


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                  Originally posted by Inner_Silence View Post

                  doesnt matter...

                  the thing is that she isnt that hot, but she is quite doable anyways...
                  quite pokeable if i do say so myself


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                    You figured if you get 20 dan you would know how to take of the red string from a brand new shinai.

                    Dilemna: Attend a mcdojo with a hot chick or attend an AUSKF affiliated dojo? hmmm...


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                      mmmmmmmm mcdojo. can i get a shake with that hot chick?


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                        A shake and a happy meal


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                          hell yes! i love cheap but amusing toys with my foodz


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                            I see your acceptability of sword style differ greatly.

                            Without the lovely lady and her girl friend,I bet it would be all sticks and stones throwing at the unfortunate "kenshis".


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                              I have a better idea, I'll take the shake and the happy meal to go. we get the best of both worlds.

                              I bet the majority of the "students" are there because of the chicks. without them the mcdojo would close down, 20 dan or not.


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                                im going to lure her with promises of candy and funny stories to get her to go to my dojo