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    Wasn't sure if theis should be in the lounge. Lol I think he stalks me. I mean whenever he see's one of my posts this is the type of comment he gives, disregarding the topic or ANY posts:

    Maybez youz can continuez 2 developz youz own kitanaz stylez & callz itz..hedgtrimmerz skool...............................clazzez can B heldz @ youz momz howz in da front yardz.....& youz opponentz can Bz da juniperz bushez....
    Lol he missed all the posts saying I'm not starting my own kendo dojo, I'm not using a reverse blade katana, I looked at the katana and found out what was missing from it that made it a wall-hanger, and alot more. Lol and the best he can come up with is an insult like above. And whats up with his z's? You'd think he's a gangster or something. lol Well whatever. I just don't see why he's ignoring everything just to make a crude comment towards me.
    Ali G is annoying and shouldnt be in this forum.
    Ali G is a great kenji and should be here.
    Ali G is a troll.
    1st and 3rd choices.
    2nd choice.
    I don't know/I dont have an opinion.

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    I think most ppl think your more of a bother then Ali G , Sakabatou

    You always post stuff about being 14 , manga / anime , Katate , Bo staff stuff
    problems at home .

    Ali G only bothers ppl that post crap questions and replys , think about it


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      Hm.. true. But I dropped the whole dojo+reverse blade sword+anime crap a few months ago but I guess he just likes to still nag me about it. lol oh well might as well just ignore him.


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        Did anyone else notice on the poll how there's the second choice "Ali G is a Kenji..etc" and "2nd Choice"



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          Well thats the thing about first impressions Sakabatou ,

          And if your idea of "oh well might as well just ignore him." Is to make a post and a poll about a person , you might want to check the meaning of the word


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            Khabbi's totally right. He bugs only annoying people on this forum and you happen to be annoying, it's as simple as that.

            Always with your "lol" and your obvious references to Kenshin.
            You've been talking a lot of bs about things you don't even understand and that's why Ali G is bugging you.
            I'm not saying you have to do any art to be on this forum, but you should at least be honest enough to say you're just intrested and don't know a lot about it.
            It's too easy to say you said you dropped the idea afterwards, that doesn't make up for the way you acted before.

            With an attitude like that you'd better forget to go a year or two in Japan.....


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              Gosh, get a life!


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                I'm bored to death and injured, so no suburi for me
                I have to find some way to take out that anger


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                  And whats up with his z's? You'd think he's a gangster or something.
                  I am not sure how many Americans know about Ali-g


                  But in England about 3 years ago? He ran a UK comedy chat show taking the character of a Gangster member of the 'Strains massif'. I think strains is a quite high class area of London . And middle east reporter called borat that went around England reporting on traditional English things.
                  He made a film a few years ago that I think either made him or bankrupted him because I don't remember hearing much about him since.

                  I don't understand these kinds of people but I have to give a hand to him making posts in that style all this time . I my self don't like opinionated poeple that slag begginers off because they have this idear that if there are too many people that want to be manga samurai kendo will some how collaps and become ninjitsu or brick shashing Karate .


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                    lol whatever. Do you see me reffer to kenshin all the time like I was my first few days here? no... Do you see me 'training' with me WALL HANGER reverse blade sword? nope. I dont. lol I havent touched it in months. Anyways even if I did keep my mouth shut about kenshin crap at first I bet I'd still be bad mouthed at (that doesnt make sense does it?).. oh and when I put kenji, i forgot its KENSHI, not kenji.. x.x I'm sorry if I don't know every single kendo word. lol


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                      I haven't been on this forum for a while so I don't know what kind of posts Sakabatou had before.. but from what I see he's just a teenager that likes anime and Kenshin.. I like Kenshin too.. I think most people on this forum probably would if they watched it.. everyone has fantasies about those kinds of things when they're young

                      from what I see Ali-G doesn't contribute anything he just posts dumb replies that require a lot of effort to read =P


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                        lol i take everything seriously lol but I'm not an anime freak, if anime didnt exist I still wouldnt care, anime is just another thing I like.


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                          why don't you send him a private message and discuss this with him privately?


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                            Sakabatou you should try and watch real Anime not that American translated crap if you want to know what it is really about. I'm sure the translated on is watered down for stupid people. It is probably like the Magic round about that was not translated but remade with a different story lol.


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                              *shrugs* Anime isnt my motive for kendo. I just like anyme like how people like... whatever. lol I dont know. I did private message Ali G.. didnt pm me back yet.. lol