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Is this little girl a bad ass?

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  • Is this little girl a bad ass?

    Another potentially controversial rant

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    She IS a badass!
    A badass gymnast and baton twirler. She's also cute as a button. Has nothing to do with actual Japanese sword techniques, but that's not what modern karate weapons forms are about.


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      A friend of mine posted the video of that girl. And my response was pretty much what pgsmith said. It's just unfortunate that it is being labeled as martial arts. It is a display of skill and at the same time a display of everything which is wrong with the XMA-hype, the use of traditional martial arts in an attempt to lend some legitimacy to XMA. The tameshigiri videon linked towards the end is for me incredibly impressive, and which I used as one example of what I consider an impressive martial feat. Another example I used was BJJ wrestler Taylor Guerra, who at the age of 14 competed in the boys division. But my friend failed to see what it was that impressed me about those two.



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        That little girl is... a little girl. May she enjoy her time as a little girl and grow up to be a fine woman.


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          She definitely is.