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  • Dojos in New Zealand?

    So I figure this is the place to ask this question:

    Where are there kendo dojos in NZ? I'll be visiting sometime in the next couple months and want to see what keiko is like outside of the US and Japan!

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    Hi there,

    These profiles are for use with the soon to be constructed NZKF Homepage.

    Rembuden has a strong work ethic and we take personal and collective responsibility for pursuing opportunities to improve our Kendo. We strive to support each other in the way we work together, and are proud of our achievements and contributions to New Zealand Kendo.

    Examples of these contributions include our hosting of the NZKF August Camp for a number of years, and our creation of a successful annual open competition, currently in its second year. Both of these events have attracted over 60 competitors from around New Zealand and abroad. Our membership includes both male and female New Zealand representatives, and the coach of the national team. A number of our members have trained and competed extensively overseas.

    While the club is primarily student-based, a considerable proportion of our members are non-students, and we welcome visitors to our training. For those interested in beginning Kendo we offer introductory courses V please contact any of the people below for further details. If you are coming to Wellington please make the time to visit us V and bring your bogu!

    Postal Address
    Rembuden Kendo Club
    C/- VUW Students Association
    Victoria University of Wellington
    P.O. Box 600

    Training Location
    Dance Room
    Recreation Centre
    Victoria University of Wellington

    Training Times
    Tuesday 7.30pm-9.30pm
    Thursday 6.30pm-8.30pm

    Committee members and Contacts
    Gerard Egerton ph. (04) 381 1265 (Work)

    Motokiyo Tsukamoto ph. (04) 382 8830 (Home)

    Sachiyo Lee ph. (04) 499 6678 (Home)

    Martin Lee ph. (04) 499 6678 (Home)

    Nelson Kendo Club - SeiTou Ken Yu Kai

    Members - Currently around 17, including 8 youths, one girl, one Japanese exchange student (female), one adult female. Kids class is growing quicker than the adults group. From time to time our numbers rise as Japanese and Korean students at Nelson language school join us for a while.

    Dan Grades: 1x 4th Dan; 1x 3rd Dan; 2x 2nd Dan; 2x Shodan.
    Meet: Tues, Thurs 5.30-7pm - Ngawhatu Hospital Hall.
    Tues - Advanced class, Thurs V Kids class.

    Most kendoka arrive at 5pm and some practice Naginata and Iaido before class.
    As well as training we have lots of social events and fund raising including yearly stock-taking at Supermarket, security at Santa Parade and other events, demonstrations at local events and schools, and sausage sizzles.

    Main event of the year:- Nelson camp held every Waitangi Weekend. 2002 is Nelson clubs 10th anniversary. Nelson club was begun as a part of Christchurch club and we still share events and support each other whenever possible. We also have good contact with members in Wellington. We also have a Christmas break up and go out together or meet at someone's

    Waikato Kendo Club

    Waikato Kendo Club (WKC) has been established by Sam K. Tsai & Marleen Y. Charng in March 1999 and now is the fifth club member of All New Zealand Kendo Federation (NZKF). "Friendship through Kendo" is WKC's basic philosophy.

    Sam and Marleen started their Kendo training from 1983. Both of them are experienced athletes and coaches. Their coaching philosophy is through Kendo to help youth exploring their limitation in physical and mind. Through team works and various activities to develop and form his or her character.

    Most of WKC members are university students and Kendo beginners. The WKC is proud of her members can manage study, Kendo training and friendship very well.

    Club History
    E 12 Aug. 1999, the third place team in the 8th, 9th and 10th Kendo World Cup came to visit the WKC. The vice president of All New Zealand Kendo Federation (NZKF) Ken Wells and members of the Auckland Kendo club also visited the WKC at the same day.
    E 30 Aug. 1999, the WKC became the fifth club member of All New Zealand Kendo Federation.

    Institution of the WKC
    President: Marleen Y. Charng Treasurer/Secretary: Wei (John) Lee
    Coaches: Sam K. Tsai (4th Dan); Marleen Y. Charng (4th Dan)

    Training Timetable
    Tuesdays, 6.00pm to 9.00pm @ Gym, The School of Education
    Saturdays, 3.00pm to 5.00pm @ Mirror Room, The School of Education

    Annual Training Camp
    Since most members are university students and they are busy in the semester time, we have two training camps a year. The first training camp runs in the end of B semester. The second training camp runs before the beginning of A semester. Namely, the date of camp depends on the calendar of the University of Waikato. We welcome people from the world to join in our camp.

    Policy of visiting
    WKC is proud of her friendly and enthusiastic atmosphere and would like to welcome all Kendoists come to train and to share their Kendo experiences with us. If you are planning to visit us, please send e-mail to Sam ( to get the updated timetable. Thanks and welcome!

    Sei To Ken Yu Kai
    Christchurch Kendo Club

    The Sei Tou Ken Yu Kai was formed 13 years ago by Alex Bennett, following his 1 year Rotary Exchange to Chiba, Japan. Alex attended a Japanese high school, at which he began Kendo and reached the grade of 1st Dan. After he returned to Christchurch New Zealand, he made the decision to start one of the first ever Kendo clubs in New Zealand. With increasing interest among members, Alex went back and forwards to Japan to learn as much as he could about Kendo, in order to teach back home. The name of the club Sei Tou Ken Yu Kai, comes from the Chinese characters that made up the name of Alexs high school. Ruffly interpreted, the characters in the clubs name refer to rice plants; When a rice plant is young it shoots up from the ground full of life, but as it gets older it appears to bow down and becomes humble.

    MEMBERS: Currently we have 15 members attending trainings. With 4 Japanese, 5 Koreans and 6 Kiwis.

    DOJO & TRAINING TIMES: At the moment we are in the process of moving into a building called Crichton Cobbers. It is place used by many other Martial Art clubs in Christchurch, and it will be nice to share a Dojo with people that share similar interests. At this stage we are only able to train once a week on Saturdays from 10am til 12 noon, but are looking forward to increasing that to 3 trainings as membership grows.

    FORMAT: A Saturday training for us involves Kata for 30 minutes to 1 hour. And the remaining hour is Kihon, Jigeiko, and KakarigeikoKwe love Kakarigeiko! Instructors vary occasionally depending on what we want to cover. Etiquette is Miki Satos (2nd Dan) forte, Karl Hitchcock (3rd Dan) takes Kihon and Kakarigeiko trainingsKwell come and see for yourselves!

    Blake Bennett 03-3859-223

    Auckland Kendo Club

    Dojo address 22 Mccoll St Newmarket Auckland

    Practice times
    5pm~6.15pm Kids Kendo (7years ~12 years)
    6.30pm~7.30pm Kendo beginners
    7.30pm~9pm Kendo seniors

    6.30pm~7.30pm Kendo beginners
    7.30pm~9pm Kendo seniors

    6.30pm~7.30pm Iaido
    7.30pm~9pm Jodo

    6.30am ~7.45am Kendo(any level)

    Graham Sayer- Kendo 6th Dan
    Ken Wells- Kendo 5th Dan Iaido 3rd Dan Jodo 1st Dan
    Alan Stephenson- Kendo 5th Dan Iaido 3rd Dan Jodo 2nd Dan
    Brent Hansen- Kendo 4th Dan Iaido 3rd Dan Jodo 2nd Dan
    Kirk Doran-Kendo 4th Dan
    Paul Frazer- Kendo 3rd Dan

    Graham Sayer 021 274 2415 email
    Ken Wells 021 924 972 email

    Hutt Kendo Club

    The Hutt Kendo Club was opened at Naenae Primary School on May 4 this year.

    Since then it has consolidated and now has 14 regular members. Ten members took a 'thelma and louise' trip in a mini van up to Auckland in August to participate in the Winter camp and declared it a great success. The club was presented to the AGM of the NZKF and accepted as a member.

    Hutt has been forming an important relationship with its Sister City Minoh
    (near Osaka). The Mayor of Minoh, Mr Hataya, and his officials, have been trying to find bogu for the club and in July, a group of Minoh school students presented the Hutt with several bogu - several adult size and several for children.

    Hutt, although a young club, was able to feature two teams for the Poneke Challenge. These were Sue Lytollis, Jason Wong and Martyn Walker and Charles Gillespie, Colin Daniel and Scott Duncan. Although knocked out in the first rounds, the two teams fought well and for most of them, gained their first formal shiai experience.

    Two other members fought at poneke, Stephanie Roulieu (in the Kyu grade and
    women's divisions) and Dan Tate in the kyu grade and also as a last minute addition to the Auckland B team in the Teams Event. This was a great place for Dan, as he fought boldly with Ms Takagi and Mr Kaminohara to make it into the semi and then the finals. Auckland B then took this title in a fight out with the Auckland A team and Dan, after 5 months of kendo, took a gold medal (so you can imagine how happy he and the Hutt Kendo Club are).

    Hutt Kendo Club meets on Wednesday evenings and has plans to meet two times
    a week in the new year - Monday and Wednesday. The club plans to attend the 10th anniversary camp of the Nelson Kendo Club in February and stage a 'cut-a-thon' fundraiser in the new year. Members welcome visitors so please pop up to the Hutt.
    or call Liz or Sue 04 971 50

    Good luck.



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      Wow, thanks a million!


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        NZ Dojos

        Touring kendoka are always welcome in NZ clubs.

        Some contact details for Nelson Club, Sei Tou Ken Yu kai , are as follows:

        Training is still Tuesday and Thursday but NEW DOJO address is STOKE HALL, Main Road Stoke, Nelson, next to 'Turf' watering hole. Times still approx 4.45-7.30 each day.

        Enquiries can be directed through me via this excellent forum!


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          Is the contact information for Wellington still the same?..There's a fair chance I'll move there next month.



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            I think that's the longest post I've ever read in this forum.Whew!!



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              Good to hear, Jakob! Still the same as far as I know. You might be in time for a training camp with former Japanese taisho, Takahashi of the Kyoto Police, so mail Gerard Egerton, ( )or someone else from the club for details.



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                Hello to Gerard, if he's lurking about. We met a few years ago when I was in Perth on business, and the Australian nationals were there at the same time. I met lots of aussies and kiwis then but unfortunately my foggy brain doesn't allow me to recall the names of most of them.


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                  G'day Neil,

                  lessee at Perth you must have met:

                  From UWA dojo:

                  Brian Brestovac (now 5th dan)

                  Chiharu Fukumoto(4th dan)

                  Susan Bonar(3rd Dan) who will be in the National squad gong to Scotland.

                  Richard Barret

                  Murdoch Kendo:

                  Chris Graham (4th Dan)

                  Kazu Uchino (4th Dan)

                  Josh Forrester



                  Ramond (President of the WAKR)

                  Jerry Yee

                  Jeff White

                  Hope you can recognize the names


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                    I remember Brian from UWA and we were at Ramond's dojo for the wind-up supper. I also met Aden Steinke, who I knew as a long-time iaido-l stalwart.

                    Perth was nice, hope to get back there someday. Unfortunately I was working like a dog while I was there, 12-14 hour days 6 days a week, so I didn't get to see as much as I'd like.


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                      Hello everyone, newbie here.

                      I'm really looking forward to getting into kendo but due to lack of a dunedin club/dojo I havn't started yet..I found that theres an Invercargil club and i was hoping one of you seasoned veterans could look at the site and check the pictures to make sure it's not (as I heard some places referred to before as) a "McDojo"


                      Update: I juct checked the gallery myself and it's down untill further notice ><
                      Last edited by Cabbit; 15th January 2005, 07:29 AM.


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                        Invercargil is definitly not a mcDojo. It's run by Tatsuya-sensei, a very strong Japanese 5th dan.



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                          Great ^^ So should I contact him and see if i can go watch a lesson??


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                            Invercargill Kendo Club demonstration - 23rd of January, 10-12pm at the YMCA Recreation Centre - 77 Tay Street, Invercargill.