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18th European Kendo Champs

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  • 18th European Kendo Champs

    Hey all,

    Results for the 18th EKC can be found here :

    There are no pictures up yet.

    A report (not finished yet) will go here in the main BKA website (bookmark for later) :

    We (the Brits) did great in the ladies events , but not so good in the guys events

    The mens team finals were particularly exciting as it pitted France Vs Hungary. France have won it every year (except WKC years) since 1992, and if they had won it again this year it they would have held the title for 10 years!! Anyway, they were beaten by Hungary - soundly (4-1) - in what was an electrifiying performance.

    Hungary got a standing ovation for their efforts.

    All in all, France got 3 of the top spots (juniors, womens team, and mens individ) , and Hungary the other 2 (mens team, womans individ).

    After watching some awsome kendo from Italy, France, Hungary, and Sweden, I cant wait to see what these teams will do next year at the WKC.

    The next EKC will be held in Madrid, 2004.


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    I was there too and it was really very exciting.