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Kendo store/shop in Seoul

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  • Kendo store/shop in Seoul

    Hi there, can anyone tell me where can i buy Kendo/Kumdo stuffs in Seoul? A friend will be there on sunday for a week and in dont know where to start. Thanks

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    Not sure if have a bricks and mortar premesis, but you could drop them an email.
    Very helpful crowd and very cheap (on price only, quality is excellent)


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      Do a search using "kendo shop seoul". Someone asked about that before.
      Here's a link if you are too lazy.


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        They have an offline store in Chungdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.
        I have visited it and have found their stuff to be of unusually high quality.
        And as a promotional event, they have a bogu craftsman at their store, till the end of July, who will custom fit the men - build it right before your eyes.
        As I understand it, this applies to their hand-stitched bogu. They already have various sizes of futon already made, so it only takes a couple of hours to assemble the men. You have to wait a couple of weeks before you receive it though - lacquering the leather rim takes time, they tell me.
        I have done a fair bit of 'bogu-watching' and at their price of $700 for a 1.5 bu bogu with deer leather kote and duralumin men, at the quality I discerned when I visited their shop, makes their offer an exceptionally sweet deal.

        P.S The price, the prequilted futon -all this leads me to belive that the futon itself was made in a different country with lower labor costs. But when I examined it, the quality of the stitching, the suppleness and pliabilty of the futon were all excellent - perhaps on par with my hand-stitched bogu from Mori Budogu, Japan. All this with naname-zashi and fukuro-zashi stitching.


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          Hello, angelfire!

          I got your email. A bit surprised to receive an unexpected email, though.
          I thought it was a spam mail something.
          Anyway, I tried to give you a right direction.
          Hope it'll help.
          Good luck!