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  • Thank You

    Well, I have just broken 2000 posts and I am looking back on my last three years on here with a tear in my eye and a laugh in my heart.

    May I take this opportunity to be serious for, oh about 10 seconds, and thank my online buddies, both in the UK and abroad (USA, Europe, Asia, Mars etc) for constant laughs that have made my working day go oh so fast. Not so cool were the times I had to get out of the office for nearly losing it fits of hysterics (Kenshi07's poems, Musha the twat, Gibbo/Anjin/Shinkenshi (especially) in the Shinken thread, Mad_God's outpouring of bollocks etc).

    Thanks to all who make this place what it is - a font of knowledge - and a duelling ground for backyard budoka. I love ya all...

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    I see that you have also made it to the lofty "ScottUK will become famous soon enough" rep level along with those icons such as Gibbo, me and that guy from Canada with the mullet, what's his name again? Mr. goody two shoes?


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      You're welcome Scott, Awooga Guy is pleased he has made your time on here such a privilege for you

      That is all.