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  • someone PLEASE help!

    Hello everyone! I am a 14 year old living in the Southern New Jersey area (near Atlantic City). I REALLY want to start practicing Kendo, but there are NO dojos (that I know of) near me! If anyone knows of ANY Kendo dojo in (or opening in) the Atlantic City area, PLEASE respond or e-mail me at

    PS: Yes I am aware of the discipline involved and am more than willing to do this =] Thanks.

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    Here's a USA dojo list:

    You've probably have checked already. I should let people from the States to give better advice...

    Very dedicated martial artists in the old days would travel miles and miles away to find a teacher... Of course in the modern world this is impossible.



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      thanks mingshi - yes ive already seen that list =] Nothing close to me. You mentioned about how dedicated martial artists would travel far to get the training, and i also would be more than willing to do that, except im only 14 and have school, parents, etc, which proves your impossibility statement correct. Thanks for your help though, i really appreciate it! If anyone else knows anything, please let me know! Thanks!


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        You could call one of the closest dojos on that list and ask them if they're is a closer dojo to you. Not all of them are on the list. If a closer dojo there is, other kendoka in the area are the best people to ask.


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          You can buy some video tape regarding the basic of Kendo so that you can learn something by yourself. But the most important thing is to find a sensei ( teacher ) and a dojo near you. You can get some concept through the tape but you can get nowhere without a sensei in kendo. Do'nt give searching even you can not
          find private dojo. Many school , such as university , have kendo club. On the other hand , ask your friend if her or his parents are Japan-related.
          Visit or or or write e-mail to for help for the tape.
          Do'nt give up even you find nothing. Many people begin learning kendo from 18 or even older. Go to the college with a kendo club when you get older !


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            I lived in NJ for a few years, so know how ackward it is to find dojo (until I moved to Hoboken, then my worries were solved) ..... your best bet is SHIDOGAKUIN ... they have dojos in lots of locations, including the City, Rutgers, and Philly (??) ... anyway, email them and they will help you out:




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              Hey, I study under Shindogakuin. I attend thier Connecticut branch. Amazingly enough, Shindogakuin streches down to Miami, and Kato-Sensei teaches at all the dojo on the East coast. I'm lucky enough to study at his home dojo .

              So soap, if you join up, welcome to the family!!


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                Hey soap, I sent you an email