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OBI Wrap with Wakizashi

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  • OBI Wrap with Wakizashi

    I know this is a little cheesey. But, in the last samurai movie the Samurai were wearing their Wakizashi almost fully wrapped in their obi's on the outside of their armor, vertically. Is this the way samurai wore their wakizashi with armor..?? Could it be that only the cavalry wore it this way..?? If so does anyone have a doc on how it was tied.

    Thankx in advance

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    i think it may depend on the style.
    though as far as i know it just sticks in the obi above the normal sword.
    grrrg now im gonna have to watch last samurai to know what your on about
    watch kagemusha instead, its a much better film


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      Both swords hanging outside the armour with an extra himo (belt) should be the correct way to do it. Obviously you can't draw with the swords tucked deep in your hakama's himo... That other himo attached to the saya will help keeping the swords in place, but I reckon it's not secured enough to let both swords stay at the correct angle, hence going a bit vertical at times.

      Take a look at here:{38a27b80-c18d-4b3b-9101-98fa4df54ceb}


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        The Wakizashi is inserted into the obi and because it is meant to be kept more to the front of the body than the Tachi it is somewhat more vertical in the obi.
        When wearing armour the himo (Attaching cords, not the obi or belt) would have attached to the obi and allowed the longer Tachi to hang with edge downwards. In hakama and keikogi only the Katana is worn closer to the left side and horizontal and the wakizashi is inserted into the front of the obi to run from the upper outside thigh to the belly..