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  • Kodachi

    Hi, all. I'm kind of embarassed to be asking this, but...

    I'm now practicing the kodachi kata and I have a question about the grip. I may have heard two different explanations, or may have missed something in the translation of the instruction I received (probably the latter, sensei was speaking through an interpreter).

    When cutting with the kodachi, do you grip the tsuka with the same fingers you would use for a bokken? That is, do you tighten the pinkie and ring finger on the cut? Or do you tighten the opposite - the pointer finger and middle finger, as you cut?

    Thanks. Like I said, I think I've gotten both these explanations at one time.

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    I heard so that both tsuka gripping is correct and you may choose. I've experienced generally with the katas that there is some slight difference between the explanation of the senseis so there is allways questions to me .


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      Should be the same as using a normal sword, use the little finger all the time and apply tenouchi at the moment of contact. Hope this helps. Translation is terrible sometimes isnt it??? Every year I pick up something totally the wrong way off my instructor! I think its because he usually shows the wrong way first and the correct way second. I would prefer it if he didnt show me the wrong way so I dont pick up on it!!



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        Thanks for the responses, guys. You know, sometimes it's hard for me to get the right feeling on the kodachi kata. Like with the first one (the eight, really), one's little fingers come all the way off the tsuka during the parry. Then they come back and re-grip the tsuka for the men? Just feels weird to me. Maybe something that will straighten itself out with practice.