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  • it's here!

    issue #2 just arrived in my mailbox.

    let me be the first to say... with regards to the back cover...

    that gotta hurt!

    *off to start reading*

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    Sorry, could not resist a reply to your comment by I totally, 100% agree with you! (I mean, look at the bend on the shinai!!-ouch!!).


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      ... I not a subscriber to 'kendo-world' because i'm still a student and dont think can afford the cost to subscribe, but I am very curious about whats on the back of the magazine.


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        It's NOT that expensive to subscribe to Kendo World! One or two nights out on the town. You are guaranteed more than your moneys worth and you wont end up with a hangover.


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          Holy ****!
          The back is a photo featuring a frozen frame of tsuki.
          The shinai bends so much!!
          And then my sensei said, "let's all have a session on tsuki-waza!"



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            That picture

            Alex and Hamish,

            Is it available as a poster. Many people who have seen it where I train expressed the I want one for my bedroom/living room/office/dojo wall etc.

            Also, Kendo Jidai and other Japanese Kendo/Budo magazines feature many action photos from competitions etc - is it possible to have a section in Kendo World of such photos ?



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              I wonder if that shinai broke.


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                Indeed, it would make a great poster! It is not our photograph, but was submitted by a subscriber in the States. Hamish and I are thinking about having a Funny Photo section in the mag, but I reckon it would take some doing to better this one!

                We will look into the poster issue.