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Which Colossal Death Robot Are You?

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    Megatron here also...

    Megatron is the original transformers bad guy... kids these days, honestly


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      aye megatrons famous.
      but gigantor i am much to young to remember


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        Another Bender here.


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          Pass the beer, another bender here.


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            Originally posted by neko kenshi
            Megatron. Not sure who that is though.
            not knowing who megatron is??? you are the ultimate bad guy from the beginning of time! you will also be the ultimate super villan until the end of time. in fact, if the end of time comes from the impressive and explosive end/demise of the universe, it will probably be from your uber evil indestrucable, shiny metallic, mega-death-ray-proof hands. You have countless minions who you treat like dirt. then you make them eat dirt.

            universe and autobots beware.


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              Holy Prime Directive, you're Robocop!

              Well, you're neither colossal, nor technically a robot, but your arthritic lurching and dubious morals have found their way into the hearts of futuristic rebels and children everywhere. You walk through fire, catch bullets from the air, and you never, ever smile. Combine this with an abstract, almost random concept of duty and honour, and you have a police officer one cannot fail to adore.

              Thank you, Robocop.

              You can protect the innocent with the following police badge: