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    My sensei told me that I can have bogu, yeah. One thing is that I have a high risk of retinal detachment. I discussed with my sensei and he said one of his friend has the same problem and still praticing kendo now. He said the bogu craftman can custom make a men with thicker, leather lining which might be able to absorb some of the shock, and I can also put a pad inside if it is still not enough protection. He knew the craftman for 20 years and he can do it without charging too much. I am touched by his caring and concern. Thank you very much sensei.

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      :O that means there's a possibility of your eyes falling out or something?!?!? =/ im scared


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        Congratulations. Welcome to a new world of exhaustion and frustration mixed with great fun and hard work.
        I believe Koei sells a pad insert for the men that is made of sorbothane (sp?). It is meant to absorb and distribute impacts more evenly. They also make men with such a pad built into it.