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Real Kendo starts at 4th Dan.....?

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    I'd have to agree that it all depends on what you consider to be really starting.

    If you are practicing Kendo to seek immediate results then you will probably be dissappointed. But that doesn't mean you haven't started something great. You can learn the basics and progress stedily from there. And if you have started practicing Kendo for discipline, then you will probably see rather quick change, even if it is subtle.

    If, though, you consider "starting" as partaking in strenuous matches or going to championships the you're likely to have to seek progress much more gradually. I don't think anyone partakes in real shiai without knowing the basics. I think it actually works against progress to try and partake in the more advanced aspects without having very solid basics.

    That's part of the reason why so many sensei emphazise on practicing the basics continually, even once one has attained a higher rank. In another post, Hyaku said this, and I'll use it as a analogy,

    "You have to learn to use one sword before you use two"

    So it depends on what you are seeking from Kendo, but otherwise, I think true Kendo starts as soon as anyone makes an honest comitment to be the best they can at it.