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Italian Soccer Has No Class

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  • Italian Soccer Has No Class

    Ot: Italy Bad Losers
    I can't believe the injustice here so I just have to post it. Read this report on the FIFA website:

    Korean striker's Italian coup earns him the sack

    ROME (Reuters) - Italian soccer club Perugia has cut its ties with South Korea's Ahn Jung-hwan after he scored the goal which knocked Italy out of the World Cup, Perugia's chairman has been quoted as saying.

    "That gentleman will never set foot in Perugia again," Luciano Gaucci told sports' daily La Gazzetta dello Sport.

    Italy has reacted with fury to Tuesday's shock 2-1 defeat to South Korea, accusing the referee and soccer's ruling body FIFA of fixing the match.

    Ahn, who missed a penalty earlier in the match, was hailed as a national hero when he headed home the golden goal winner in the 116th minute.

    But his goal was viewed in a different light at Perugia in central Italy, where he has been viewed as an under-achiever during his stay at the club.

    "He was a phenomenon only when he played against Italy. I am a nationalist and I regard such behaviour not only as an affront to Italian pride but also an offence to a country which two years ago opened its doors to him," Gaucci was quoted as saying.

    "I have no intention of paying a salary to someone who has ruined Italian soccer."

    Ahn joined Perugia on loan from the South Korean team Pusan I.cons in the summer of 2000. He scored five goals in 29 appearances.

    A Perugia spokesman said on Wednesday the club had virtually decided to release Ahn even before the World Cup tie.

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    I mean Italy has done this to themselves. They have a reputation for diving and acting and they cannot blame AHN Jung Hwan for playing hard. As a rugby player I believe in playing the game, not acting and that is the honour we have. The Italian's have forgotten this...

    As a Kendoka I accept my losses and will reflect on them as a learning exp. Italy has way too much pride.

    Whats more, I mean this is blackmail...score against us and you will be fired?!!!?? I think FIFA should ban Italy from the next world cup...

    Italian soccer as far as I am concerned has no class...

    This is another example of how a person with greater spirit can overcome a person with greater skill. I see it in Kendo and we saw it in the Korean match...the Koreans played with pride, as a team, with passion and never gave up. I felt so much joy, respect and pride for their win that I was moved to tears...really.

    Is this what was meant by Musashi with his victory over Sasaki Kojiro? Spirit over Skill?

    P.S. If there are any Italian Kendokas on this forum please read and understand. Don't let your judgement be clouded by pride...the action against Ahn was wrong.

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    What on earth does this have to do with kendo?


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      very much nothing.

      But as a soccer lover I really didn't like the attitude. i'm half italian/half brazilian but it was a fair victory of the Koreans.

      Go Brazil!


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        What on earth does this have to do with kendo?
        As said earlier...the Korean victory demonstrates how skill is not everything. A person fighting with heart, passion and spirit can win over a better skilled person.

        This is just something I feel and hear a lot from my seniors with Kendo. I've seen a sankyu beat a nidan because of his determination. And I feel this match between korea and italy reflected that.


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          Well Done Korea, they played till the End where as Italy seemed to come into the game with the same attitude France did... i.e Oh it's only South Korea we can play at fifty percent and still win. Granted the off Sides where a bit duibious but hey that's what makes football great. The ref's can make a mistake and you just have to live with it.

          I have an Italian at work here with me and he was actually defending the manager of Perugia saying it was the right thing to do !!!! I don't think anyone can defend what the Perugia team have done.

          P.S alexpollijr - 2 -1 to Engalnd tomorrow...... Come on England it's only Brazil it not like there a good footy team
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            Hey!!!This is a kendo forum not a football!!!


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              I can see Mr. Lee's point here. Its is a very valid one. Kendo teaches rei and justice, and most of all fairness and respect.

              I suppose is that the point is that Italy violated that.

              A little bit of clarifaction. I don't really like soccer/football/futbol


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                Also, I know the feeling of passionate victory. I can definently see the comparison here, spirit over skill etc.


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                  I can see Mr. Lee's point here.
                  *speaks in a Snake Plisskin voice*

         me Meng.