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  • Martial Art artwork

    Hello fellow martial artists. I have been in the martial arts 34 years and have been doing artwork all my 51 years. Both have been my pasions that have kept me going through this insane thing we call life. I have finally broken down and decided to do as my students and friends have suggested. Try to make a living at the melding of my life's passions.
    I have trying to open up a internet store front to sell my works of art that pertain almost exclusively to the martial arts. This is against the experts advice, they say my chosen product firld is to narrow. But I believe that since martial artists are more passionate about their art than most, it will bemore than I can handle if I can ever get the word out about my art. Many of the oil painting are what's left from my dojo. I have always used my art to inspire myself and my students. Please visit my website and check it out. Even if you are not interested in purchasing anything, let me know if there is anything that inspires you to get up off he couch or turn off your computer and got workout. As a teacher, it gives me the most pleasure when a student tells me that my artwork inpires them to train harder and more often. Thanks for your time , this Lau Jen (old man) appreciates your input.

    You can see my artwork at:

    Thanks again,

    " Train your body and cultivate your spirit!"


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    Wow, the "Dragons" seem a little Dali-esque.