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Who is a blogger here? Why?

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  • Who is a blogger here? Why?

    I know there are some bloggers here, at least Paburo, Oroshi and Kenzan. There are certainly other, and I ask this simple question: Why?

    I certainly won't start any blog in the next years, because I have nothing interresting to write, especially if the whole planet can read it.

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    In my special case is a sort of "journal".

    The objective is for everyone to read and see thought the eyes of a beginner how is the "way of the sword" in a country where you can't find dojos everywhere. It also helps me out to think about what I've done, to express desires and what I have achieved.

    It is written in Spanish because for me it's very important to make things "available" to other like myself.


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      Used to be a blogger, now I have a myspace. In that case, I think is more complete and easy to use...


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        I'm using the word "blogger" as "somebody who as a personnal internet page", myspace included.


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          Oh, then I'm still a blogger


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            I blog on my own myspace page. But i use it as a way to feed my inner badness. Many things on my blog is kind of ghetto and negative thinking & cocky. But it helps satisfy my aggressive nature. Therefore i don't realy share it.

            However, Kenzan has a really nice blog/journal, very inspiring...when he's not backyard ninjer hunting j/k bro.

            I saw your myspace page, Lady kitsune -- it's pretty good.


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              You brog?
              I brog too!
              I ruv brog!
              Broggeen isa suupa-numba-one-bitchin'-keek-ahssa-aw-soome~!

              BROG! tm
              Ita what for Yuushoku!

              Can you tell that I have just eaten several fudge cookies?
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                I blog because I want a record of my training, and I'd like to hear what people think of it and any suggestions they might have. Comment, please!


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                  Politically active...


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                    My blog is mainly for documenting my slow progression, collecting pics of cool dogs, and some of my favorite foods.

                    hehe I like to eat



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                      I have multiple websites and stuff like that... even started a blog or 2 but I prefer forums mostly as I don't take care of myspace-facebook-Yahoo 360 type of pages too well. I maintain a couple of actual web sites so most of the time I spend taking care of those instead of personal stuff. I started the personal ones mostly because friends of mine asked me to.


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                        Originally posted by Sparv View Post
                        I know there are some bloggers here, at least Paburo, Oroshi and Kenzan. There are certainly other, and I ask this simple question: Why?
                        1. Because I already blogged for other reasons.

                        2. Because I find it encourages me to sit down and think about my training in a different context. Finding my way through my training experience in words is another way of cementing what I've learned -- of integrating it into the whole that is my life.

                        3. I don't do anything on my blog for other people, specifically. I write things and have fun when I have conversations based on what I wrote. Sometimes an issue will come up elsewhere and I use my blog to further the discussion by posting pictures or linking videos.

                        4. I blog because with 10 hours a week of budo and 45 hours at work, I have precious little time for face-to-face contact where I'm not practicing how to hurt people.



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                          Because I'm too lazy to hand write things :P

                          I also like designing a layout...


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                            I blog because I like typing out my thoughts for all to see. On my blog, I usually talk about my Kendo practice or anything Kendo related that I feel is important to me. It would really be enhanced if I were to get replies on my blogs, but this is more for me so it's not that big of a deal.


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                              I keep a video game related blog at I blog because I want to comment on events that happen within the industry and have people comment on them, it's really that simple. On the rare occasions that I blog about life in general It's usually just impersonal crap, I actually rather disagree with people whining about their life on the internet. I mean, who the hell cares?