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    Originally posted by dwez View Post
    I love Google maps in a way which some people find unhealthy therefore I did this...



    Totally excellent. Some of us need to get together and do this for North America.

    Rep Rep Rep.


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      Yeah that would be a great idea for OZ too....Might start working on that

      But heres our home (well the one we purchase in a couple of months) my work, girs work and our dojo



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        The SoCal scene.

        I'm at SFV.


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          Originally posted by Rob W. View Post
          Totally excellent. Some of us need to get together and do this for North America.

          Rep Rep Rep.
          Many thanks. It doesn't take as long as you think. I'd have done some of the other countries too but I feel it's a bit of a liberty for just the BKA stuff let alone other goups. Anyway you all know your own areas better and as nebosuke illustrates you can do it in sections.

          The beauty is that when it's all done you can download each region and use it in Google Earth then they can be pieced together to make a whole. If I set up a community on the Google Earth forum eventually they can ll be mapped [like the human genome] then my evil plan will be complete!


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            Here's the thread
            If you have a big bunch for your country or association [whatever] we can add to it. I'll do some custom pointers at some point.


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              That street-view thing in NY is very cool.


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                Kenshin kai. Green awning, third floor (next to fed-ex/kinkos)



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                  Originally posted by satsumaruma View Post
                  Find Darlington in the UK, scroll in till Yarm Road appears. Scroll in until The Fairway appears. The school where we train is at the end near the junction with The Crossway. press the satellite button and you will see the school show up we train in the 3rd up facing 'prong' from the left.

                  that is where to aim your smart bombs people.
                  I just re-read your directions so now this is accurate. I may make a BKA fan marker icon so it looks more professional.

                  Any further amends to dojo locations, just drop me a PM.


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                    Far be it from me to 'pimp' my own work yet again for those that do visit the Kendo Clubs of GB could you spare a minute to comment/rate the map. I'm hoping that incresed traffic will help push it up the popular map charts, who knows it may even draw people to their nearest BKA dojo, yeah we can dream.

                    Alternatively you could link to it like Bolton did. I've received 10% of my hits thanks to emitbrownne, cheers.

                    Or if you're not in the Un-UK you could start your own map, I'm surprised the Chile massive hasn't beaten the other nations to generate their google map. One day we could collate them all...

                    Actually I just looked at this, way to go auskf
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                      Originally posted by Kenzan View Post
                      What the!?

                      Britain an ISLAND!??

                      When did that happen!!!! Guess they built it as a moat to keep out the Dutch? LOL

                      Dude...I can sooo see my house from here.............looked it up and actually I can......wild.


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                        ooo! Google map! Me like!

                        This is where I live in the frozen north.


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                          Paburo's google map of the Iberian peninsula.

                          Thinly veiled *bump*


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                            Here's Taiseidokai


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                              Just to say a big thanks as I hit 4,000 visits on my Googlemaps Kendo Clubs of GB today. I've been making continuous amendments and slight adjustments to placemarks since I started in May last year. Some have now got hyperlinks and pictures of your club kamon if you have one and I can find a link to it.

                              I appreciate all those who have visited, rated, commented and linked to it including Bolton Kendo Club and as I found out today Nagamitsu. Please keep visiting, linking, rating and coming up with info as it costs nothing to be on THE premier Kendo Clubs of GB Googlemap.


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                                I would just like to say a big thanks to Dwez for is hard work on this project. I find this an invaluable tool for both getting members to our clubs, and for visits to other clubs.

                                Far easier than navigating lists of addresses.

                                cheers matey