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Re-dyeing bougu

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  • Re-dyeing bougu

    I bought some blue dye to re-dye my men as its looking a bit grey has any one tried this before and got tips on how?
    & Setting the dye in gi and hakama any idea on the amount of solution when soaking this Sounds a bit dumb but what type of vinegar, before I use malt vinegar and spend ages getting the smell out


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    Maybe I am wrong but most of the commercial dyes you buy are acid dyes. If you try to fix it with vinegar the colour will come back out. Is it a hot or cold dye?

    Too long to go into the technicalities of dyeing. But professionaly you add dye to the to make a liquor and all the colour goes on. The main thing is that the garment is totaly immersed. Its the lack of oxygen that does the work. When the fabric reaches a certain temperature it breaks down and the colour enters the fibre. Cotton temperatures are high than synthetics

    Hope this helps



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      Thanks hyaku,

      I am not sure weather the dye I bought is hot or cold as all the information on the bottle is in Japanese, so thats why I am at a loss on how to use it on my men.
      but you have been a big help
      Thanks again



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        This may sound weird and you can tell me if I'm nts but some see a worn bogu as a sign of status. Some Kendoka think that if a person has a worn bogu it shows that they have been practicing for a while. But then again you probably want to keep such an expensive piece in better shape.

        Just thought I would make a point.


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          Oh its the Japanese stuff. Just paint it on. It fades again after a while. You might have been better off with some dark blue suede dye.

          The status of worn bogu means you don't have enough money too buy an extra set for shia. People use the lighter stuff for shia and buy some strong trustworthy stuff for daily practice.

          I still have a spare old men in excellent condition for the price of putting it in the post. Anyone interested? Its NOT smelly!

          Regards Hyaku


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            I'm looking for a spare men for my hitting dummy in the back yard...



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              Originally posted by ben
              [B]I'm looking for a spare men for my hitting dummy in the back yard...

              Sure if thats what you want it for. But I would have thought it was a bit too good for that. If I didnt already have few I would have used it myself. Its one of those dont make them like this any more types. Heavy but with lots of life in it yet.



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                size: sho? chu? dai? tokudai?


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                  Is it a big (75cm) one Hyaku? In which case I could collect it when I come to visit! If not, no problem - I have one thats too small already




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                    How come it's not smelly? Are you born antimicrobial or is it one of Mori's antimicrobial stuff?

                    Just another non-purpose post to remind you of the Brazilian victory in the FIFA Worldcup today


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                      .................................................. ..............................


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                        It's a top of the line 1.5 m.m. men. Owned by a retired kendo teacher it had very little use and didn't get to that smelly stage. Its faded but hardly worn at all.



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                          If no one really wants it I could use it. What size is it?

                          How do we aquire it?