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  • oversized kendo gi

    Does anyone know where to buy a good quality LARGE kendo gi? I have been practicing Kendo for about 10 months wearing a judogi [size 8] because I ahve been unable to find a big enough kendo gi... I am ready to start wearing bougu [as soon as the custom set I ordered in Japan arrives], and I would like to wear teh proper uniform at that point!

    Any suggestions for a merchant that I can contact on the net will be greatly appreciated.


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    hey stefano
    you could try e-bogu there really very helpful and great service I used them when I was in the states the other week
    or you could try tozando they say in there catalogue they can tailor make hakama and I think they can do gi as well shame the cant do tabi (thats just me getting a dig in as they cant do tabi in my size )


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      Hey Stefano
      You can try also for extra-large gi, I know they advertise making extra large bogu to order, but I think they may be able to help you out with the gi also


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        custom hakama & gi

        May I suggest the University of Guelph's online store? At least when you buy something from them, you know the proceeds go to supporting an active kendou club at a canadian university. having never personally bought anything from them (because i go to the bogu store downtown), i can't guarantee anything, but it looks quite good, and the prices are in canadian dollars.
        let us know how it turns out..



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          I tried to buy some gi in Kyoto and they would not sell me it unless it fitted me! Try Tozando for large sizes, they seem to understand that westerners take a larger size than your average Japanese person...
          Just remembered, Hyaku, did you get that stretchy breathable keikogi we looked at in your local shop? Next time I'm over I'll order one before I come so its in stock!



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            Hi Fellas:
            Try the Korean budo retailers - they tend to manufacture/carry stuff in larger sizes than the Japanese ones. How big a gi are you exactly looking for? And don't let the size labels fool you - the Moribudo line of gi, for instance, used to start at XL. I think they changed that now...


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              You could also try Bu Jin Design in Boulder, Colorado. ( They make everything there and are totally willing to make stuff to order. They are making me a big naginata bag and are only charging me an extra $10 for the custom order.

              Their stuff can be expensive, but incredibly good material and workmanship.