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Trying out Kendo..

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  • Trying out Kendo..

    Well actually...I'm not really trying out for it I've been kinda doing it on my own, like self teaching. But I realize I can't get better if I keep going on like this so I am trying to find out where I could find a place that teaches Kendo..I'm trying to learn all of the terms and such...But anyways what I'm really trying to say is.. Hello I am Sorigin. (Sor-uh-jin) Some people don't pronounce it correctly.. but anyways. I'm Sorigin and I'm here on this forum to learn more about this art and to find a place near home where I can study. I live in Michigan...anyways...thanks[FONT=Tahoma]

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    I suppose I didn't realize release any real information about myself. So for that I'm sorry.
    I first started fiddling my bokken...I believe that's what they are called when I was the age of 13. I am now 17. Sure, I'm better than friends here...but they never got to study it...of course I haven't either. I need to work on everything...I'm sorry. I suppose I'll just wait till someone responds to this until I speak again.


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      Are any of these places near you?


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        Yeah, one is...I perhaps should have looked more closely into the kendo-usa site... *sigh* sorry to bother you


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          Originally posted by Sorigin
          I first started fiddling my bokken...when I was the age of 13.
          Sounds kinky :P. Hehe just poking a bit of fun.