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Densha Otoko (電車男 )

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  • Densha Otoko (電車男 )

    Just saw this film with my missus, brought a tear to her eye.
    I quite enjoyed it.

    I thought it was an excellent reflection on Japan and how the anime/gaming culture fit in - or try to.

    Anyone have info or see the series?

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    Saw the series. Parts were hilarious although the main character is soooo awkward that I felt like beating him up from time to time. Although when the dorkiness was shown in reasonable quantities then it was pretty good. I would recommend watching it, though.


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      yes, refer to the PM i sent you. the actors are so skillful that i couldn't believe it.

      this was done in japan 2 years ago (at least).


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        I watched the TC series done by the NHK but I haven't seen the Movie.
        Which one were you talking about?

        But anywho, Densha Otoko and Shinsengumi! are my fav. shows from the NHK (so far)


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          movie was done last year. have watched both.

          highly recommended. go forth and download/ or buy (if there is a subbed version, which I doubted)


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            The movie has a subtitled version released in 2005 (at least I think thats when it was. I rented it from Netflix a long time ago). I don't think the series was ever subbed but can't say for sure. The manga has been translated to english as well.


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              Have you guys seen this?


              part 2 -


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                Sorry yes, the movie. My copy is from 2005 and is subtitled as Mike said!


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                  I've watched the drama 2 years ago on the tv. I enjoyed it so much that I have to cancel my appoinment with friends or come home early to catch it.