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Tournaments on the east coast?

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  • Tournaments on the east coast?


    I'm from montreal, I was just wondering if there was any tournament held on the east coast , around New York or Boston in a near future.

    I would like to go to a tournament alone without my kendo friends of my dojo, would be an interesting experience..
    or actually it might be fun to go with them too.


    does any of your guys know if there will be a tournament in New york or Boston soon?


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    kendokamax: though I am naturally not that familiar with the kendo communities in the Americas - I don't recall reading much about kendo tournaments/seminars on the east coast, even considering the number of dojos in, say, New York.

    One resource you might want to look into are the university kendo clubs along the east coast - I remember reading some of their web sites, and it seems that the campus dojo scene is actually quite active. Perhaps they have some annual tournaments?


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      Kendokamax: You may also want to consider calling some of the bigger dojos in NYC, they often have 'local' tournaments that they don't advertise too much so as not to draw too big a crowd. They would also know of all the big open tournaments in the area that are coming up.


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        A good place to start would be the dojo listings at I noticed that the schedule was pretty weak. It only had the Canada and west coast stuff on it.


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          tournaments/campus dojo scene


          I am part of the "campus dojo scene" on the east coast that was referred to. We are actually trying to unite student kendoka under the banner of the Student Kendo Network. Our temp webspace is at

          There is an invitiational college tournament, and a Student Kendo Network seminar at Cornell University on NOV 9,10. Check cornell's kendo club website for details when they are posted, but my bet is that you have to be a college student to go. Same with Shoryuhai, the annual invitational tournament at Harvard in April.

          Here is info on an open taikai.
          I heard a tournament and seminar are planned to be held at Anne Arundel Community College in the Jenkins Gymnasium on Saturday Aug 3rd with Mr. Jim Parker, president of South East Kendo Fed. This is in Annapolis MD.

          Feel free to ask me any questions.


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            Kendokamax: if you need web references to the tournaments JP spoke of:
            Cornell - (Nov '02)
            Shoryuhai (Apr '03)

            The info on the Cornell site is somewhat outdated. If you are in touch with these people, JP, perhaps you should remind them...


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              The dates are final for Cornell, I talk to david cross (their president) pretty much daily.

              They haven't posted full info because SKN is still working out the seminar plans.


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                tetsuoxb (JP): I guess I was right when I said the campus dojo scene is quite active on the east coast...what exactly is this "Student Kendo Network"? Is it open to students from other countries?

                When I was working in Shanghai and Hong Kong, a large portion of the local dojo members were students, and I am sure they'd be very interested if they can join such a dynamic and growing group! Let me know and I'll pass the word on to them.

                I was reading your site but found it somewhat confusing to navigate. And I think you should get someone to proof-read (or at least spell-check) parts of that site!


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                  Yes, SKN is open to whoever wants to join. I am moving to Osaka in a couple of weeks and I am going to work on getting people over there.

                  We are in the starting up phases, so keep watching that space for membership news.

                  As far as the geocities SKN site goes, I am working on a new one ( I didn't make the one currently up, but I am helping out on the new stuff), you can find it at

                  It is in the dev stages only, so don't look to it for tons of info....but it is a bit cleaner design wise.



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                    SKN - wow! So this Student Kendo Network is an internationally (IKF) recognized kendo federation? Do you hold seminars and tournaments like the one at Cornell at university dojos around the world?

                    As I said, I am sure some of my younger friends would be very interested in joining. If you can direct me to some information on fees and applications, I would most appreciate it!


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                      whoa there buddy!

                      Nope, we are not an IKF member. We are merely an organization of student kendoka. We want to bring student kendoka all over the world together and help kendo become stronger with the support of a caring community.

                      Currently SKN is just starting up and is very east coast US centric. We will grow, with help from around the world, but now it is very east coast.

                      Also, we are not putting on the cornell tournament, only the seminar afterwards. It is the second seminar we have done, the first being in the spring with Kato sensei of Shidogakuin NY.

                      Maybe someday we will be something along the lines of JSKF, but right now we just want to unite and create a cool place for student kendoka to get to know each other.


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                        Does anybody know of any Canadian tournaments soon?



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                          Thanks for the reply!

                          oh stanenaka I know that there is a tournament in Waterloo, it's next weekend (27 of july). I'm going actually.

                          And next one I know that there is not too far from my place is in Toronto, The anual JCCC tournament , I think it's in november, but i'm not too sure.

                          As for other tournament in canada i don't know


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                            If you want more information on the Shoryuhai next April (in Cambridge, MA), please feel free to contact me directly ( I am a member of the Harvard-Radcliffe Kendo Club Alumni Association (Harvard Kendo's supporting alumni body).

                            To be clear, the Shoryuhai is a tournament for the collegiate community only. While the team tournament is for college undergraduates only, the individual tournament is open to other university affiliates (students, staff, faculty). The tournament is sponsored by Hashimoto Ryutaro (the former PM of Japan); he commissioned the trophies. In regards to JP's mention of the SKN, I just wanted to clarify that the Shoryuhai is not affiliated with the SKN program, though we welcome students involved with the SKN and many do attend and compete.


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                              I just wanted to second what was said about Shoryuhai, the HRKC, and SKN.

                              None of them are affliated with each other.

                              SKN is basically a way for student kendoka to get together and do cool things. It has no affliations with particular clubs or tournaments.